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Clinic for cosmetic and plastic surgery "Proaesthetic"

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In Germany in Geldeyberg in 1993 was fromcovered, which is already in a draft 22-ies of successfully working in the field of medicine and gained popular not only in his country but also abroad. During this period, the clinic "Proaesthetic" was made more than forty thousand operations and received a lot of positive reviews.

How would we ne looked, but no limit to perfection, sooner or later reflect on improving their appearance. It is time to the Heidelberg, in the center of the German university medicine, which offers a wide range of services for the improvement of appearance. Here you can consult a qualified doctor whoth subsequently will lead your story problems from the beginning of your treatment in the clinic and to obtain the desired result.

During the surgery only use high quality equipment and staff that caters to clients has a very long experience and study took place in the Islandduschih institutions in Germany and gain skills in leading clinics from abroad.

The clinic provides these types of surgery:

  • rhinoplasty;
  • breast reconstruction;
  • hair transplant;
  • liposuction;
  • plastic eyelashes;
  • treatment and prevention of teeth;
  • dermatological skin problems and the like.

In 2011, the clinic "Proaesthetic" in passing Geydelberzquality control in many indicators of quality of service and security in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery was the first place and an excellent rating, and 2012r received contrast myBody.

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