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Women's Cosmetics uniQ

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Women's Cosmetics uniQ

Each cell division is accompanied by loss of the terminal segment of a chromosome - specific cellular structure that stores the DNA. If a person is young and healthy, then these areas can restore the cell itself, for that it has a special enzyme telomerase. With age and under the influence of unfavorable factors decreasing the activity of cellular telomeres.
Opening way back to the old cell telomerase activity are literally stunned humanity. The authors of this scientific breakthrough, Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider and Jack Szostak in 2009 won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Care is based on the discovery, became a reality thanks to the development of specialist laboratories Provital (France), which are among the first to create a truly unique product that helps maintain the structure of chromosomes and DNA of guarding against any impacts. From the roots of Scutellaria baicalensis, a special group was removed, Vitasource, it activates telomerase, which increases the number of divisions of fibroblasts and thus slows down the aging of the skin.
Fraction Vitasource included in the day and night cream line uniQ!

Women's Cosmetics uniQ! When the skin care needs of the individual
Day and Night Cream uniQ! developed based on the technology of "smart cream ': the matrix structure means reads the status and characteristics of your skin and activate the components that provide effective results for you individually. The matrix structure of the funds, controls the rate of release of active substances, identify priority needs of the skin of the individual. For example, if you have at the moment the skin is dehydrated, it means it will solve this problem, if the skin has lost elasticity, the money will restore the synthesis of collagen and elastin and protect collagen fibers from the bonding, if you need protection from negative impacts, the day cream in the will help you. There is no need to pass an additional test of the skin that it is preferable for an individual such as: it will make "smart" cream (day and night) and a tonic for the face uniQ!. Tonic - is a real patrol activity of skin bacteria. After contact with skin tonic changes color if everything is normal - the color of a tonic drive on a padded discolored, if the activity disrupted (and therefore changed the pH of the skin), the color will remain the same tonic. After this test, if you have normal skin pH are part of the day and night cream pro-and prebiotics support the healthy microflora of the skin, if you have the pH of the skin is broken, then the pro-and prebiotics normalize it.

Facial Toner uniQ!
It tones the skin, ideal to complete the make-up remover. Active ingredients soften and soothe the tonic epidermis, you can save the ecosystem of the skin without disturbing its natural harmony. The complex of plant extracts of ivy, arnica, black elderberry, cucumber, mallow and linden flower regulates the level of hydration of the skin, refreshing, anti-inflammatory effect.

Day Cream with SPF 10 uniQ!
Cream activates the spare capacity of the skin after you wake up, energizes the whole day. Prevents aging of the skin and provides it shine, works as a "shield": effectively protects the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight and the environment. Multifunctional peptide carnosine restores the damaged cells and protects collagen fibers from the bonding in the intercellular space, improves skin elasticity.

Night Cream uniQ!
The cream has a great potential for reducing, eliminating signs of aging during the night. When waking up the skin looks rested, it is fresh, soft, smooth and full of vitality. Iris Isoflavones support the synthesis of collagen and elastin, increase the barrier function of the skin, prevent aging and reduce wrinkles.

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