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Pipes for heating systems

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The man is a hostage to their same level of development. So it was allGDS, there is sure to be. Today we surround ourselves from head to toe with all sorts of gadgets that greatly simplify our lives and allow us to solve the problem previously inaccessible, add more comfort. However, all this pales in an instant before the objective conditions of nature.

The most striking example - this wintertions cold, which would nullify all the comfort and coziness at home, which has no heating system. That is why, when building a new home, an obligatory stage is the design and installation of heating systems. One of its main elements are the pipes, which, in fact, circulates coolant. By the way, kachetstvennye pipe otopleniya can buy.

Of course, even this conservative industry as heating, also subjected to systematic innovation, including in the choice of materials for pipes. There replacing traditional metal pipes come modern, plastic (polypropylene, polyethylene) and metal-kovye pipe.

The main advantages of these pipes are a low cost, high thermal conductivity (and, hence, lower heat loss), more reliable connection types, insensitivity to corrosion (the suffering metal pipe). Given the high thermal conductivity of the pipe is further reinforced INTrennim layer of aluminum, fiberglass, composite materials. This will avoid excessive thermal expansions during the passage of hot coolant.

Of all the above types of pipes, the most suitable for heating a pipe reinforced composite material based on glass fibers and POLYPROMpropylene. It has excellent strength and least sensitive to the linear thermal expansion.

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