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What are heel spurs

April 06 2015
< p style = "text-align: left;"> Our entire body is an amazing symbiosis of complex systems and organs, with one reliablee base frame - skeletal system. In terms of mechanics, the skeleton of a multi-unit mechanism, each link of which (bone) is connected to the system through the adjacent joints - the joints.

But in order to make spatial motion of one hinge connection is not enough. To this end, on ourrganizme there is a system of flexible coupling elements - ligaments, tendons, muscles. If this link for some reason is violated, broken and motor function of a particular element, as well as the emergence of pain. Thus the problems exposed to varying extent in virtually all the ligaments of the body, particularly ligaments and stop.

One of the most common problems of this localization is a disease, referred to as heel spurs or (scientifically) plantar fasciitis. In this case we are talking about a disease that affects the place of the plantar tendon and calcaneal tuber.

symptomaticand heel spurs associated with pain in the heel area, especially at higher loads. In terms of physiology, the mechanism of heel spurs is the following: This location takes almost half the weight of a person, resulting in a constantly arise microfractures tendons, which in the normal state is activelyrestored. Under certain circumstances, this may cause the development of inflammation and, consequently, the hardening location through growths - heel spurs or osteophytes.

is reduced to relieve pain, and then carrying out physiotherapy, orthopedic interventions, the unloading of the foot and undersupport of her while walking (exercise, wearing special insoles, massages and so. n.). By the way, in Moscow cure heel spurs you at the medical center « EDEN ».

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