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Treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system

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How often do we see walking down the street and grandparents: Bent, stick to the waist with one hand and leaning on a stick – another. This order of things charged to age, and it is natural: I agree, do not often see mobile and clever man of sixty, besides not suffering from back pain. But if ask recent research results in this areaand then you can watch the sad trend: every year the age of people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, younger and younger.

Symptoms and diagnosis of diseases

Well, after all, causes complications in the musculoskeletal system? These diseases couldut be innate (genetic predisposition) and acquired (already appear in adults). The latter group can be divided into separate and secondary (those that result from other pathogens and pathological processes in the body).

Specialists balneotherapeutic Readerquire that the main reasons that people develop with age, the problems associated with the normal functioning of bones, joints, muscles and ligaments are:

  • inactive (sedentary) lifestyle;
  • differences of physical activity (or lack of oversupply);
  • stress;
  • violationsupply;
  • bad ecology.

Types of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, known to modern medicine and their symptoms are:

1.) &Nbsp;   arthrosis – failure of cartilage cells (increased load gives joint pain and muscle tension in the periarticular area);

2.) &Nbsp;   Osteoporosis – caused by a lack of calcium loss strong bones (fractures repeated and difficult recovery);

3.) &Nbsp;   osteochondrosis – violation of the structure of articular cartilage (wide area signs — perhaps a manifestation in any part of the body; hIf ye all accompanied by pain and discomfort in the back);

4.) &Nbsp;   Arthritis – joint inflammation (pain, which can cause swelling of the joint, until its deformation).

How to treat?

The treatment of the musculoskeletal system — neprostoy and continuous process that requires the participation of a qualified professional. Today's medicine is ready to offer an impressive list of effective methods, which include:

  • treatment with drugs;
  • balneotherapy;
  • hippotherapy (horse riding for medicinal purposes);
  • use of therapeutic mud, radon baths, cryosaunas;
  • massage (massage therapy);
  • physical therapy (physiotherapy);
  •   surgery.

If you go to a doctor, his problem — choose an individual treatment that will take into account all the CCAfeatures of your body. Do not self-medicate, as failure to provide timely care can lead to disastrous consequences!

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