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Effective treatments for hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids is one of the very unpleasant disease human colon. This disease developsed gradually and methods of treatment depend on the stage of severity. By the common reasons that cause the disease have a fear based on this develops a spasm of the anal sphincter valve veins, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol abuse, pregnancy, frequent constipation, unbalanced diet and the like. Hemorrhoids is alsoe pathological increase of hemorrhoids. The first signs of where you need to immediately contact a doctor has the appearance of bleeding or inflammation of the anal canal.

hemorrhoids disease occurs in people of different sex and age. If you notice the first signs of the disease must PROKONSIMltirovatsya a proctologist and be reviewed.


  • Medical, which is predominantly used in the early stages of the disease, because treatment at this stage will not bring significant discomfort and expense;
  • In 1-2 stages bouseful to achieve the desired result can be due to infrared coagulation;
  • Latex ring, through which carry out treatment, then there is the rejection of the haemorrhoid;
  • Conservative treatment of hemorrhoids include the use of candles, Mazovia, folk methodsDov, but they do not guarantee a full recovery, but only reduce the unpleasant symptoms, inhibit further development of the disease.

Therefore, for prevention and to prevent the situation to surgical intervention is necessary to strictly adhere to the advice of your doctor.

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