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The history of the emergence of the accounting profession

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Job Accounting has enough popular and profitable today. More details about thisprofession and learn about where an accountant RFCs. However, few people know the very history of the origin of this sphere of activity. It is interesting to know that in ancient India there were accountants, dealing in agriculture products. In general, the first book that contained even a hint of accounting appeared in the 15-16 centuryx, in particular, is a treatise "On the accounts and records".

The first book by the Italian mathematician Luca Pacioli. As for Russia, for the first time this profession was founded in the time of Peter I. At the same time this translated as an accountant bookend, because in those days all costsand income relating to inventory items were recorded in a special book.

That is the profession had the appearance only as a working unit, the main function of which was to provide information. At that time he almost had no relation to management decisions. Only with time, when the business earlyal development and focus on the economic market, it became apparent that accountants play a very important role and accounting got its rightful place within the operating system.

Today, the accounting profession is quite weighty, and understand it much differently than in former times. As witheychas she plays the role of an employee or controller of operations in banks, enterprises or organizations. Day accountant celebrate on July 16 because on this day the Law of Ukraine "On Accounting and Financial Reporting in Ukraine".

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