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UV irradiators and recyclers: species

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When selecting such equipmentI like the ultraviolet bactericidal irradiator, it is important to know the conditions under which it will be applied: depends on what type of device you can choose from. There are three main varieties: irradiator recirculator and combined type - irradiator-recirculator.

If the unit is purchased for indooreniya, which during its operation may inadvertently children or animals (for home, kindergarten, school), you must select the recirculator closed. It consists of a sealed enclosure and two ultraviolet germicidal lamps, installed inside it. Lamp radiation destroys 99.9% of all known bacteria and viruses. On both sides torpusa have special holes through which by means of fans on the one hand inside the housing is blown from the room air, on the other - returns outwardly. Inside the housing the air is irradiated with UV rays and disinfected, so it returns to the room already clean. In this case, V-shaped openings and strong blackening their prehinder penetration of UV light in the room, so the appliance is safe for people, including children and animals, and can be installed even in an ordinary apartment. Also, you should know that the glass used to produce modern germicidal lamps, filters out ozone-forming radiation spectrum, so when a slaveOTE lamps ozone is formed. You can choose irradiator-recirculator of this type.

If the equipment is purchased for specialized medical institutions, where it is easier to ensure the absence of people in the room during operation, you can purchase a UV irradiator open type, which does nothousing. The advantage of this type of device is that the emission light is directed directly onto all available surfaces in the room, and the device and sterilizes them also, and not only air. Drawback - is that during operation humans and animals can not be placed in the room.

More expensive but convenientin type - combined irradiator-recirculator. It can be opened and closed operate as a device or an open type. When working with such a device must be very familiar with the features of its operation and safety.

In addition, when you buy you have to choose from wall and floordevices. The first type is usually stationary and attached to the wall can only be operated in the same room, but saves space. Devices floor type often make mobile, on wheels, which makes it possible to carry the device from one room to another. This option will suit you if you are buying a home and want to recirculator sekonomit is not putting on the device in every room. It is also a good option, for example, kindergarten, if you want to pick recirculator, when your children will be transferred to another group.

If you are experiencing difficulty in the selection, contact a consultant of the manufacturer. They will help you intelligently select the device in the wotvetstvii so, under what conditions it will be used.

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