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Recommendations how to harden children and adults

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In order to strengthen immunity, to date, all physicianschi say about the great benefits of quenching. But it's not just pour cold water as most of us believe. As the portal about health - hardening involves a series of procedures, such as foot baths, swimming in open water, wiping, walking barefoot, sun and air baths. The main purpose of tempering - produce conjugatedotivlyaemost organism to colds, ie, resistance to adverse environmental factors.

Tempering is useful for both adults and children. Even as a child, you can teach to a change in temperature. Such procedures improve health, mood, increases immunity and rabotosposobnost. However, it should be remembered that this procedure should be carried out gradually, because for the first time to pour a bucket of ice water provides a lot of stress to the body, which can lead to unexpected consequences.

For those who are just beginning to adopt these procedures there are some tips:

  • Rubbing cold towel, the temperature of which must be of at least eighteen degrees;
  • To start drench yourself with warm water, and only then you can start pouring cold;
  • Start pouring cold water shower, ie dezhurte regionprocessing with something cool that hot water and only when the body is adapted to move a little to large amounts of water;
  • Cold procedure do not tighten more than 1-2 minutes.

And finally, remember that before hardening sure to consult with your doctor to withschedule put procedures in accordance with the needs of your body.

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