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Who are the vets

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There are many doctors in medicine, but there is also aRacha who treat animals, they are called by veterinarians. These are people with higher or secondary education, trained to look after animals or cure various diseases.

Veterinarians can work:

  • In veterinary clinics;
  • Zoo;
  • In the veterinary stations;
  • In the shelters for dogs;
  • On zoofermah;
  • fish farm;

Animals that are on the list, for the treatment of vets:

  • horse;
  • Big and cattle;
  •   dog;
  •   cat;
  •   pig;
  •   mouse;
  •   poultry;
  •   rabbits.

They study their anatomy and physiology. But this is not all that is included in the list of what needs to know a vet - knowledge of diseases of fish and bees, veterinary - sanitation and examination of raw materials (leather, meat, milk, and so on. D.) As part of their job. Finding a good and understanding is not very difficult, simply goand on the website and enter to find the metro station and the animal and the system will provide you with a highly qualified professional. Here you can find such doctors as:

  • vet therapist;
  • veterinary dermatologist;
  • veterinary cardiologist
  • Veterinarian gastroenterologist;
  • veterinary surgeon;
  • vet dentist;
  • veterinarian oncologist;
  • and .T. d.

Doctors will also help in the training of dogs in their care, evenif you have forged a camel, they will help take care of and behind him. The best experts in the field of veterinary medicine, will help you and your pet, a quality education and advise vaccinations should be given. Professional advice to help keep animals and grow it properly.

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