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Lumbosacral osteochondrosis: Symptoms, Treatment

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Sacra - a vertebrae that are interconnected and form an integral bone. It cast ridge, which is located between the coccyx and the lumbar spine. - A condition in which between the vertebrae develop dystrophic-degenerative disc changes that accrue over time forming a severe form of the disease, such a hernia in the area. These problems lumbosacral degenerative disc disease is in 80% of patients thatcomplain of back pain.

After this turn of events the disease is progressing faster and faster. Pain constantly tormented person and can give a leg or buttocks. Patients also complain of muscle weakness, numbness or tingling of feet. It hurts to walk and can be observed atrophy of muscles on the side of the disease.

lumbosacral osteochondrosis begins gradually. At first, the pain manifests itself in the lumbar after exercise, and after a while the pain may disturb even in a state of tranquility. Later, during a sudden movement of the capsule tear occurs between vertebral disc and there is a sharp withyl pain.

The main symptoms of this disease are:

  • The disease has a chronic course;
  • The aggravation is observed as a consequence of exposure to cold, sharp movements, overload when lifting heavy weights and the like. At the moment there is acute stressI have lower back pain and upper back;
  • The pain syndrome accompanied by a feeling of numbness, baking like ants crawling in this part of the body. In severe cases, may appear male dysfunction in men and urination.


Treatment of lumbosacraldegenerative disc disease does not require surgical intervention, the main task of the doctor have pain relief using painkillers. To remove the spasm in the muscle relaxants administered and prescribed physical therapy to improve circulation between pozvonochnymmy diskamy, and accelerate the healing of damaged tissue.

Whenand the pain gradually subsides is the time to assign patient treatment of degenerative disc disease. Preventive action to remove the aggravation, to improve the lives of the patient and prevent the occurrence of complications. Usually, doctors prescribe to patients hondroprotektory. Another fairly effective way to ease the pain of the patient and relieve muscle spasms havemassage on the back portion of the patient, as well as regular performance of a complex exercise.

Regarding the popular treatments that they allow only reduce pain, deny the symptoms, but the disease remains incurable. All patients with this disease do not engage in self-recmended.

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