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That wish with elevated cholesterol

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The level of cholesterol, which outweighs the rate of blood is one of the importanttions, and also sufficient many factors, because of which it may happen myocardial infarction. In short, the liver in the right quantity produces cholesterol, which is why did not need to use it in addition to food.

Speaking of treatment is, therefore, you first need to identify what you can notman to do to avoid the disease, because, as has long been known – &Laquo; much easier to prevent than to treat »:

- eat fatty foods is much less. Do not need to completely exclude it, but you can replace saturated oils and fats polyunsaturated;
- no need to use as a piSchU, which has trans fats. They are to some degree there in hydrogenated oils, and are very dangerous, even more than saturated fats - for the heart;
- also consume significantly less products which have cholesterol;
- recommended not significantly gain weight;
- more physical activity - do exerciseregularly;

And now the most important thing that many people are interested in how it is treated? Of course, you need to fulfill all the orders of the doctor. But all the same the best treatment, as has long been known to be only traditional medicine. Next, consider what it is. So, a very good way to reduce holerina yavlyaetsI use vegetable fiber. It:

- oats;
- dried beans;
- apples;
- carrots;
- barley;
- peas;
- pears.

And so, remember that no drugs will not help you at this level as long to know the recipe, and most importantly, they do notcontain no harmful components, and thus will only be able to heal, not harm you.

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