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Stages on the path to self-knowledge and self-development

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In order to be realized in life need to constantlyimprove and develop. A person needs to own moral and spiritual values, which are the basis of self-development. is a process that is associated with the life within which it is carried out.

Since preschool age when a child begins to develop his "I", it becomesI am the subject of life. At this age, sets specific goals. In the children's personality is formed by copying the behavior of adults. Therefore, at this stage, the main tasks of the adults have to create conditions for the development of a child's character traits such as independence.

In the self-development should be clearly receptacleamb what you want out of life and what for, and then should be to implement these plans and begin active.

On this path to self-knowledge and self-development need to take certain steps:

  1. Know yourself . Understand the priorities that you want to achieve. Understand and accept yourselfso that you have at the moment. Plan your day so that at least twice a week to allocate extra hour or for a holiday or to view interesting historical;
  2. The second step is to change yourself , that is, develop the confidence, wealth, happiness, joy, that changeYour life for the better. Need to change their opinions, beliefs, and behavior. Their actions should be directed to remove all fears. If you are having some difficulties need to identify the cause and move on to the goals.
  3. The formation of effective new strategies . The main task at thisstage - to understand what specific actions should be to achieve the goals that are delivered. Learn from their mistakes and take into account the experience of others. One has to be careful and to notice patterns. On the basis of past events to analyze what your view actions will lead to the dream.

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