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What is sinusitis

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What is runny know everything. And, perhaps, there is no such person on earth who would not have this disease. The slightest change in climate,or freezing, and we start sneezing and nasal discharge starts. There are, of course, people are hardened, do not react to such displays, but still runny nose and they are exposed to. &Nbsp; Some do not pay attention to such nuisance, waving his hand, saying, go away by itself, but this attitude is very wrong and fraught with consequences.


The most simple and ordinary cold can turn into something serious, for example, and to treat it will be much harder. There simply is not enough drops. Sinusitis – is a complex inflammatory process, in which the nose becomes laid down, and continuously recovered therefromXia profuse discharge, depending on the stage of mucous or purulent mucous already, the nose is constantly sore and his like, bursting, and patients have a headache. And if the patient lowers his head down, the pain increases. Sometimes the patient has fever, and general health deteriorated. Disease, i.e. its acute phase, toGSI, usually about two weeks unless effective treatment, complications can occur.

The diagnosis of sinusitis can put a regular doctor, but to confirm it is correct, you should do an x-ray of the sinuses. Sinusitis treated on an outpatient basis, only in rare cases with a sharp aggravation of the disease,prescribe inpatient treatment.     Mainly attributed to antibiotics, nasal drops and physiotherapy treatments.

But it's best to avoid the appearance and development of sinusitis, rhinitis in early stages of effective treatment. Health you have one, and it should be very, very careful.

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