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What castle reliable

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The castle is an effective means of protecting your propsociety and peace from intruders. But often there is a need to hack your own apartment due to a malfunction of the lock or key loss. In this case, contact the professionals who carry out all work in the jewelry level. At the very least, they will maintain the integrity of the door body, sacrificing only the shut-offth mechanism.  

Unfortunately, do not open the deputies did not exist. Any one of them can be broken and, moreover, in several ways. Degree of difficulty of breaking depends on the number of parts in it, the level of noise that it will create in case of burglary and so on. Apparently what has been said earlier, the most reliable locksm is the one that will demand more time for its opening.  

The types of locking mechanisms  

Before I answer this question it is necessary to learn the basic models of locking mechanisms. Offered for sale are the following differentidnosti mechanisms:  

  • pin with cross key;
  • cylinder disk;
  • pin cylinder;
  • lever;
  • eurocylinder;
  • combination.  

How many takes burglary?  

The first type is the most easy-open latch mechanism. Its breaking can be carried by any known method, which makes its use less efficient. But it is cheaper than the other. To successfully carry out all necessary manipulations on its openingTheological experienced thief will need a little more than 2 minutes. For one of the ways to break enough to have a simple Phillips screwdriver and a little effort. &Nbsp;

The second type is more complicated than the previous one, and thus more reliable when used with high-quality metals in its production. For its Surytiya take up to 5 minutes. But at the same time it will create a sufficiently large amount of noise that can deter burglars. For its opening will need to use the hammer bench tools. &Nbsp;

Lever is the most complex of all the above. This lock will provide the attacker on a number ofhours of hard work, often inconclusive. But at the same time, if he is able to open it, then no one will hear. &Nbsp;

Eurocylinder equipped with a special protective plate that will be a good obstacle to the cracker. For its opening need special equipment and professional instUNT. And even if you have one it will have to spend nearly 1 hour of time. &Nbsp;

The last type is the most secure mechanism that can open only highly qualified professionals with the appropriate equipment. &Nbsp;

is the highest qualitylocking systems from leading manufacturers in the world complete with no less quality door.  

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