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Glasses or lenses: the choice is yours

April 18 2015

Contact lenses are the perfect replacement points. Increasingly, however, ophthalmologists notice negative afterdstviya this type of vision correction. Unfortunately, many are beginning to wear lenses without first consulting your doctor. This is only a future vision problems.

Today, everyone who has tried to wear lenses, felt happy. Of course, this vision correction becomes for us a gooddose of good feeling, not including the fact that they do not all fit. By the way, preobresti quality lenses can be the Internet -

So, first find out what are the advantages of wearing lenses.

In fact, it helps to look at the world through different eyes, and unlike glasses, do not distortthe world. When you put the lens, then immediately notice that you can see from above and below and on both sides. Wearing glasses includes a lot of inconvenience. For example, when you go to the frost in a warm, they begin to fog up the glass. Furthermore, they must be thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis. With lenses such problems never fusshiccups. Plus, with them you can put more and sunglasses. Also, the lenses will help you see, even if you have serious vision problems, where even the thick ring points are not able to help you.

Now let's talk about the shortcomings of lens wear.

First, not all this kind ofvision correction may be appropriate. They are great only if your eyes adapt to outside forces. Over time, it may cause irritation, which leads to discomfort and tearfulness. Then, unfortunately, you have to give up the lenses. Constant   Wearing requires them to change periodically and washed. Be sure todo it well clean hands and try to pause to wear at least one day a week. Otherwise it may impair the gas exchange in the cornea, which in turn lead to serious problems.

How to choose the right contact lenses?

The first drawnLend attention to their flexibility. Because they are more breathable, comfortable and safe. Wearing rigid lenses can lead to cases of astigmatism. Better to buy lenses famous brands, as the eye is a very sensitive organ, and on it, in any case, is not worth saving.

The lenses are divided into nand Class 3:

  • standard;
  • environmental;
  • comfortable.

The first class of lenses differ term wear and use. If your eyes are very sensitive, it should be removedlenses every night. They should be regularly changed.

The ecological view of the lens differs from others in that they caused an extra layer that protects from ultraviolet radiation. They are ideal for those people who are constantly working at the computer.

The lenses that areclass comfort are mostly up to 3 months. They are much more expensive and immediately after their removal should buy new.

How do I choose lenses or glasses - the choice is yours. I prefer lenses and use them for 2 years. Of course, it is hard work looking after them, but it's worth it.

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