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Influence of jewelry with natural stones on human health

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The desire of any person to the beauty, harmony, successfulin life, self confidence justifiable and   natural desire. Many people think that the way to a successful life, they make their own, that everything in life depends on them. This is partly true, but sometimes there are situations and events, and their origin   we can not explain, it seems as if Mr. intervenesekaya force from the outside, it is beyond our control.  

Maybe this is perfectly logical explanation, although many, especially the ministers of the occult sciences argue that it is a higher power. Also, many go on about the impact on people of different gemstones. What kind of minerals are vital force and energy, arguingand geology are engaged in their search. Stones   always attracted people   its magical effect, are very often made jewelry, and women wore them with great pleasure.

Today's designers are no exception, and in fashion trends this year noted that the stones and ornaments of them will have a ballshoy demand. By the way, original jewelry from natural stones you can buy from the online store.

Astrologers say that the stones must comply man any of them well and properly matched, able to positively affect the health of man and his well-being and peace of mind, minerly have a magical effect on the person, and have certain medicinal properties. This is not surprising, because the minerals are growing for centuries, absorbing the energy of the world, getting their, and only their properties, and then gives its owner acquired over centuries « knowledge & raquo ;. Diamond and amber formations were known Dr.about the time of the dinosaurs, imagine how much they will be able to convey to you?

But astrologers of India believe that creative people are able to create something beautiful, you   opt for black onyx, as it energizes and inspires creativity, and in addition improves the physical conditionoyanie purifies karma, removing the evil eye, damage, conspiracies. Has the same properties as opal, but to an even greater degree. &Nbsp; Practicing magicians generally believe that this stone is able to clean biopotoki, and improve the power of the person, thus prolonging its life.

And these   healing properties have all the minerals, only nuzhbut finding one that will really help you, as the people say that it is necessary to find the stone. There is a certain procedure for selecting the stone. Place the stone on the palm, and closed his eyes, listen to yourself. If you have   happened clouding dizziness and pulse quickened, you become a little more difficult to breathe, the stone is clearly not yours, never wear indyeing of him, he will bring you only trouble. Well, if you, put a stone on the palm, and closed his eyes, you feel calm and peace, you do not sweat the hand and heart is calm, then decorate with stone can carry safely.

And there is compatibility table stone with the sign of the zodiac. Generally, The stones of their magic and influence on a person can talk for hours. &Nbsp; But if you do not believe and do not attach much importance to all these stories about the impact of stones, the approach to the selection of jewelry with stones practically. You go in the stores possible and in online shopping, and choose what pleasure to your eye, because any aesthetic decoration is nDownloading and if you like it, then you can bring positive emotions and good mood.  

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