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11 most popular women's perfume

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Spirits have acceXinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, which is invisible, but unforgettable. Thanks to him a woman reminiscent of a very long time. Everyone has his own taste, so singling one kind of perfume you can not.

List of spirits that are most preferred by women:

  • L`eau par Kenzo . This perfumes that smell ine have the freshness of mind and pride. It resembles a cocktail of citrus flowers, lilac and musk. Modern nymphs want to have these spirits, because vigorous citizen never tear off their connection with nature;
  • Salvador Dali . These spirits were created perfumer Alberto Morillas < span class = "hps"> 1983 . in floral - chypre flavor   mixed art and perfumes. Spirits Salvador Dali built on flavors Jasmine and roses , and d opolnyayut < / span> flavor notes bergamot and sandalwood . By the way, Belarus view and purchase it can be in the online shopperfumery
  • Eclat from Lanvin . His music is very gentle and sensual and they make every woman a real angel. Believe me, from it will be impossible to break;
  • Chanel 5 . This fragrance asslar for nearly a century. He is a star among the Pleiades flavors. Every woman I currently lady using this flavor. As he refined, luxurious and allows women to be submissive to their style. The composition of his secrets, but we know that it contains more than 80 components;
  • Shalimar Guerlain . This fragrance has a history of not less than the previous one. He is considered the epitome of beauty of the East;
  • Poison by Christian Dior. With this fragrance open a new stage in the art of seduction. The aroma itself is attractive, deepand created for the goddess. It includes notes of wood, raspberry, currant and amber;
  • Nina Ricci L'Air du Temps . It includes notes of jasmine, violet, rose, which emphasize the confidence of the holders of flavor;
  • Princesse Marina de Bourbon . This is exactly what most men like. These spirits combine tenderness and feeling of lightness;
  • Obsession by Calvin Klein . The aroma of this issue for a bold and bright women. It shall make every woman more sexual. Consists of fragrance notes of coriander, barhattsev and wormwood;
  • Carolina Herrera . Only provocative women need to use this perfume. It gives them more playfulness and passion. It includes notes of orange, sandalwood and camellia;
  • Ferragamo Salvatore Incanto Bloom . The composition is made in order to make a woman more seductive and relaxed. It combines grapefruit flowers, Rosie and wood.

This rating is conditional. Choose the one smell that you like the most.

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