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Artlife's conference

Novemb. 16 2011

The Conference of the National priority - health.

December 10 2011., Moscow,
conference hall of "Youth"

We invite you to participate in the scientific-practical conference "National priority - health!" To be held on December 10 in Moscow

Program of the Conference **

09.30 Registration of participants
10.00 Opening of the conference.
Greeting Vice-President for Science and Production Company Artlife AA Vekovtseva
10.10 -11.30 make presentations conference guests - reputable scientists and physicians.
1. "The relevance of the use of dietary supplements in modern medicine" * Khoroshilov I., MD, professor, academician IAELS, Head. Department of Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition, St. Petersburg State Medical Academy. Mechnikov St. Petersburg
2. Topic is specified. Temnikov GY, MD, d.sots.n., rector of the Interstate Medical Social University, Voronezh
3. Topic is specified. Dorogina VM, MD, Professor, Head. Department of Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy PFUR them. Patrice Lumumba, Moscow
4. "The problems of the male reproductive system: the relevance and Solutions" * SV Rischuk, MD, professor, deputy. Director of Clinical Affairs Northwestern Institute of Andrology.
11.30 - 12.15 Reports from the Company Artlife
4. "Current trends in technology development and manufacturing of dietary supplements" .* Vekovtsev A., Ph.D., Vice President for Science and Artlife production
5. "New products Artlife." Buikin S., Ph.D., Scientific Consultant Company Artlife, Institute of Genetics of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Tomsk
12.15-13.30 Break
13.30 - 15.30 Presentations from speakers well-known practitioners - Partners of the company.
6. "Experience with the product" Artlife "for treatment and prevention of diseases of the locomotor system" Yaroshchuk GV, MD, Professor, Peoples Friendship University named. Patrice Lumumba, Moscow
7. "PUFA in the treatment of errozivno-ulcerative lesions of gastroduodenal zone in the treatment of adolescents" Puchnin ON, Ph.D., assistant professor of ROS LSPU, Deputy. Ch. doctor's clinical expertise working Regional Children's Hospital, the city of Lipetsk.
8. "Thyroid disease: a modern approach." Galimov, R., k.m.n, endocrinologist, nutritionist, Kazan
9. Topic is specified. Vovchenko VI, MD, doctor of higher category, Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg.
10. "Systematic approach to correction of chronic diseases by BAC Artlife in the practice of family doctors." Solodilova AA, Center for Natural Therapy "Patron", Moscow
11. "Prevention of endometrial hyperplastic processes in the perimenopausal period, using dietary supplements Artlife." Szeged, SI, obstetrician-gynecologist in the highest category, Lipetsk
15.30-17.30 Round table "Questions of dietary supplements manufacturing company Artlife in the prevention and treatment of various diseases."
17.30 End of Conference.
* Formulation of a preliminary report subject
** This program may be minor changes

As well as manuals and author's treatment program doctors - Partners.
And, of course, live communication with colleagues, partners, exchange experiences, the mass of fresh and useful information! Each will receive a certificate of the participant.

Participation cost - 500 rubles. The application deadline for the Company - not later than November 21. The number of participants is limited capacity of the hall, so ask for tickets in the sponsor and in a hurry to send your application!

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