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Packaging film KSK-SNAB

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Given the tremendous pace of development of the economy in all itsindustries on the face is the growth of products that huge parties comes in different corners of the world. Naturally, in this case there is a direct need to package the finished product so as to ensure their safety towards the destination endpoint. But here there is still one more, not less regular dilemmasand: the high-volume production, the cost of solid and bulk packaging will be much larger, it is almost always not justified from an economic point of view. Therefore, each manufacturer is looking for ways to save and use of less costly and more efficient (in terms of how to manufacture and packaging speed procePAS) packaging technology.

In terms of scope of application and technical innovation, now the most popular and effective to use as a packaging material special packaging shrink film. Most often in the role of such material acts as a polyolefin film (POF), kotoRui in large quantities produces and sells the company KSK-SNAB:. The advantages of this type of film from KSK-SNAB are:

  • the transparency and the ability to take shape product packaging. This allows you to not only keep items safely, but also to ensure it looks attractive;
  • a wide range of applications, from the viewpoint of environmental temperature (this value is in the -50 to +30 º C);
  • real environmental security that can be used between this type of food packaging;
  • Extremely high weld strength;
  • the ability to automate the process, with special wrapping machines and machine tools.
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