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Spiral staircases from the company SWN staircases

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Spiral staircases in our timeenjoyed great popularity and fame. It is no secret that their presence in the room helps to   create a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere that emphasizes the   the spirit of aristocracy and nobility. As a rule, spiral staircases   used in the two-storey houses a small area. It is thanks to them « & raquo ;, compact and can sekonomit most of the   space in the room, which also has many important.

Now there are a huge number of spiral staircases that can be constructed from various materials. The most widespread of them made of iron, aluminum and wood. Buy good quality and screw StairsNice, please visit Online shop will provide you with a lot of attractive and effective services for the purchase of this product from the   &Laquo; SWN ladders » &Mdash; known and reputable company that has managed to prove itself as a reliable and loyal employee who specializes in selling only the best quality and spiral staircases.

The Company « SWN ladders » offers a huge selection of spiral staircases in the form of a spiral, which are known to be more popular and applicable to other types because they have a huge range of benefits and advantages:

  • betray room stylishnessand originality;
  • convenient and compact;
  • thanks to a reliable mesh railing and stairs, guarantee one hundred percent assurance for their safety while traveling (provided that the correct design engineering calculation);
  • can be legently and just how to assemble and disassemble.

The site online store you will find such models of spiral staircases as Spiral, Quattro and Milano. Propose to briefly review the most important details of each of them.


So, Spiral — a metal spiral staircase, which is famous for   good quality, suitable for external use, luxurious and accordingly   design. Consists of galvanized steel. Buying such a product, you are given the opportunity to choose your favorite type of railing and stair treads.


Quattro — spiral staircase in the form of a spiral, which the human eye is pleasantly pleased its air and elegant look. Due to the non-standard and specific design of such ladders, creating an atmosphere of high style and comfort. Its quality corresponds to the highest level. Has wooden close byno, the central column made of stainless steel.   The customer also has the right to choose   from the catalog « SWN » certain material for the handrail stairs.


Milano — is one of the most popular spiral staircase with wooden steps sovremtary design. It is famous for its enormous strength, stability, luxurious design, high-quality handrail, which are made of stainless steel, as well as the simplicity and compactness. The customer the opportunity to not only choose your favorite material for the handrail stairs, but also choose a different thickness.

So, spiral staircases « SWN » — just what is needed for lovers of luxury, stylish, high-quality, specific and original design of your room.

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