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Components of a healthy lifestyle

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Healthy lifestyle - a way of life, aiming at the preservation of health and prevention of various diseases. It is a complexactivities that a person uses in everyday life that contribute to the implementation of its functions in terms of human improvement in living conditions, work, rest.

The problem of compliance is discussed in many medical, educational, social, philosophical and sociological writings and includes different components, whiche apply to all areas of health, namely:

  • Proper nutrition;
  • Sport;
  • bad habit - NO;
  • My daily routine;
  • The positive mood;
  • St.ezhy air.

Proper nutrition

The most important factor in keeping a healthy lifestyle is the food. The main diet of the day should include plenty of vegetables and fruits. That is, the human body must receive nutrients. From the menu to exclude sugary foods, as well as articlesI'm from the test. Eat plenty of fresh water.


Start your day of compound exercises. Morning exercise enriches the body with oxygen. More move and run. If possible you need to sign up for fitness classes, yoga or swimming. If after a very busy time at the gymmissing, go back home on foot from work - it will strengthen your cardiovascular system and protect against serious diseases.

Bad habits - NO!

A healthy lifestyle is not compatible with the use of alcohol, smoking and drugs. These factors have a negative impact on the human body.

Daily Diet

The basis of the correct order of the day is eight hours of sleep. As an example of the rules can be taken to fall asleep and wake up at a certain time. This will allow for the morning to look beautiful and refreshed. Need to wake up without an alarm clock, it will mean that the body rest and gain energy.

Positive mood

Do not dwell on failures, all events take with a smile, to love and take care of yourself. When something went wrong as planned do not quarrel themselves, and find another approach to this situation. Alternatively, you can listen to music and relax. Communicate leashs with positive people.

Fresh Air

Every day you need to organize a trip to the fresh air in the forest or simply walk. Ventilate the office, apartment, house. Fresh air is necessary not only to light, but also for the skin. To improve the physical condition must also be deep, right, calm stomachContents.

So, on the way to a healthy lifestyle is necessary to exert maximum effort. After all, the decision will be a healthy person's life or not depends on each individual.

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