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The woman - is the most beautiful half of all mankind. Sometimes it is said that "beauty will save the world" and in this opthere is a merit-determination of women. But there is another phrase that accurately describes all the efforts that women have to make on a daily basis in order to meet this high calling: "Beauty requires sacrifice".

If you analyze how much time and money is spent modern woman to care for themselves, then nevolno come to the conclusion that this is indeed the victim and largely for the sake of us men. However, despite the wealth of modern cosmetic arsenal, there are proven for centuries ways and means to care for themselves (there must have been a woman before match ideals of beauty, when there was no makeup).

One of the most important and problematic objects are hair care. And, as a rule, than they are longer and more elaborate, the more effort is required to maintain them in perfect condition. To maintain their status, power and maintaining a healthy form you can use as proven traditional remedies and modern medical reductantnuyu cosmetics based on the same natural ingredients.

If you have experience in collecting and harvested medicinal plants, you can use them for cooking various concoctions, nourishes and protects hair and their roots. Often used decoctions of St. John's wort, tea leaf, plantain, celandine, rose hips, flaxand so on. n. Medical cosmetics for everyday use in the home is represented by various balms, conditioners, vegetable and essential oils.

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