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Features of the contract of sale of the vehicle

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The purchase or sale of any vehicle includes a compilation of the relevant treaty.
This isIn particular regard to the purchase and sale of cars and motorcycles of all types and models of both domestic and foreign production, as well as other units to them, that is, frames, bodies, engines, and others. By the way, they should not be in operation and be sure to have passed the appropriate certification, which set the rules of trade transportnymi means.

It is important to remember that the sale of motor vehicles are allowed to persons who have reached the age of 18, and means motorcycles - 16 years old and must have permission of parents or guardians.

It is forbidden to sell those vehicles that have defects or thosewhich threaten the safety or those that do not comply with the technical condition of the relevant norms and standards.
When there is a sale of the vehicle with inadequate quality or incomplete kit, make sure the price is to be reduced and the tool is removed from the guarantee. These data must be prointo form the buyer. Also on the vehicle issued such documents:

1. Service book.
2. Help Account, which is considered the basis for the registration of the vehicle in the traffic police authorities.
3. Instruction on the order of operation.
4. Cash (marketable) receipt, proof of purchaseand.

If it happened, then the service book is missing, the buyer is issued a certificate that was carried out pre-sale preparation. Remember that the account information must be made in ink on the hands of one and the same hand or by machine. Also signed by the director or his deputy, mainly useduhgalterom and have to be printed.

In the case of Buyer's discovery of deficiencies in buying a car or manufacturing defects during the warranty period, he is entitled to free troubleshooting or exchange for a new car, in that case, if he he did not violate the terms of useor storage of the vehicle, according to the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumers' Rights. Identified deficiencies must be corrected within 14 days.

By mutual agreement of the parties contract can be notarized, even if the law does not require it.
After the buyer to claimriobrel vehicle, he shall, within 10 days to register it with the traffic police authorities. Registration takes place at the place of temporary or permanent residence of the citizen.

It is not necessary to register those vehicles in which counterfeit or destroyed identification numbers of components and assemblies. Importantly,that those vehicles that are not registered in the SAI - banned in operation.

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