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Water filters "Aquaphor"

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Water - a key, important substances on our planete, since there is (in some form) in almost all living organisms or living things. In the conventional liquid water occupies almost three-quarters of the earth's surface.

The importance of water for human

About the same average water contained in the human body. It is a fact, dEven despite the fact that apparently the human body is far from the fluid system. The water comes in various forms in all cells of the body and is involved in all important processes taking place in it. But like any other nutritional and structural element of any system of the world (such as gasoline for a car), it has the propertyconsumed, and hence needs uniquely in the resumption of the required level in the body. We obtain water with food, and as a direct result of drinking, which supplies the daily weight (volume) of water coming into the organism.

The need for clean drinking water

Moreagain by analogy with gasoline and its impact on the systems of the car, logical to assume that the water quality directly affects the condition of the body as a whole. In using poor-quality drinking water, not only do we not receive the necessary trace elements, but also directly harm the body through a variety of harmful substances containedI'm drinking water. For anybody, for sure, there will be some opening of the fact that the water that flows from the tap in your home, almost never corresponds to the desired parameters. It is not available due to regulatory quality indicators that are set Vodokanals and sanitary station. Their observance is necessary in order to not cause watersignificant harm to human health, but they are not always respected. Blame the objective reasons:

  • Contamination by human natural reservoirs of drinking water sources;
  • obsolete technologies and equipment for cleaning;
  • frankbut emergency water supply line.

Therefore, domestic use additional filter systems such as modern rightly.

Filters Aquaphor flow

The leader on the Ukrainian market in the production of household filtration systems is the companyAquaphor, which produces various types of systems: Pitchers and flow (, nozzle type, with the technology of reverse osmosis). Analyzing all types of filters from the standpoint of the most favorable ratio of quality, ergonomics, price, we conclude, the best option for use in the domestic environment is the filterflow-type system with a separate valve. The advantages of this type of filter a few:

  • A sufficiently high degree of purification of running water, as well as higher speed, especially compared to a pitcher or packings systems;
  • Significantly increased service life andResource filter cartridges;
  • The perfect location in terms of interior design, as the entire system is under the sink, and on it is a crane with a watering can.

The company Aquaphor produces three groups of filter systems of this type:

  1. "Crystal"- A modular system of three (Crystal A, Crystal, Crystal Eco) or four (Quadro Crystal, Crystal Eco H) units for deep cleaning and softening of drinking water;
  2. "Favorite". Monoblock filter in stainless steel housing, pressure-resistant and supports the highest flow rate and filteration;
  3. "Trio". The modular system of the budget level.


Given the pace of industrial production, pollution of water resources will only grow. This should not only encourage ordinary people to install home water filters, but also directly to forceIt is, especially if a family has young children.

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