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New functional food!

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Introducing the new functional foods: 

porridge oats, rice with pumpkin
porridge oats, rye and wild berries
tea drink "Taiga force"



Porridge oats, rice with pumpkin, milk serum, enriched with Bifidobacterium lysate

The benefits of cooked pumpkin has heard, perhaps, by everyone, but few know that the pumpkin porridge - is the perfect option for those who follow the shape or wants to lose weight. That's why specialists developed the product and turned it into a line Light.

Minimum calorie, easily digestible cellulose, the most valuable protein, a huge range of vitamins and minerals make porridge oats, rice with pumpkin on whey an excellent diet food, as well as an irreplaceable part of the diet, people who have low-calorie diet and trying to maintain your weight at an optimal level.

As part of oatmeal 2 types of cereal - oatmeal and rice. Rolled oats are useful because they contain a huge range of vitamins and minerals: vitamins B, K, iron, fluorine, iodine, phosphorus, potassium, and this is not the whole list of useful substances in oats. Rice flakes - is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates that are digested more slowly (as opposed to simple - glucose and fructose) and do not cause a sharp rise in blood sugar, allowing for a long time to feel fresh and energetic. Of all the cereals rice has the highest content of starch and high biological value protein. This croup - an important source of B vitamins

The inclusion of two types of cereal flakes can increase the biological value of the product and make it more nutritious, as well as to saturate the body more diverse composition of vitamins and minerals.

For the first time the company's specialists have developed a food product enriched in this component as whey. Whey is interesting because it contains a special sugar - lactose, which limits the processes of fermentation and normalizes the useful life activity of intestinal microflora, contributes to slowing the processes of putrefaction and gas formation. Whey is easily digested, thus has very few calories and almost never used for zhiroobrazovaniya.

The product also includes a lysate of bifidobacteria "BifiLiz" - it helps to improve the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract and normalizes the digestive system as a whole.

The best way to lose weight - it is to eat properly. Porridge oats, rice with pumpkin - it's delicious, nutritious and healthy dish, which with regular use will not only bring their weight to normal, and normalize metabolism and improve your digestive system. This is the ideal breakfast for people who want to be alert and energetic throughout the day without gaining at the same calories!


Porridge oats, rye and wild berries, quick-cooking enriched inulin, and flax meal.

Even for completely healthy people can sometimes lead to abnormalities in the gastrointestinal tract: a sensation of discomfort, heaviness or bloating, constipation, etc. To solve this problem by correcting the daily diet is so easy! Introducing novelty - Porridge oats, rye and wild berries, rich in inulin, and flax meal. 

The combination of oat and rye flakes gives the body the necessary amount of fiber, as well as a range of vitamins and minerals. The result is a wonderful cleansing effect on the body.

The product is enriched fibrulinom. This component refers to the soluble fiber and is interesting because it accelerates the digestion of carbohydrates, improves intestinal microflora, contributes to the rapid purification of the body of toxins, not digested food and harmful substances. The introduction of cereal fibrulina increases its functional and nutritional value.

Linseed meal, part of the product, has a large effect on metabolic processes in the body. Flax flour is rich in fiber, polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6), vegetable oil, vitamins B1, B2, B6, folic acid, antioxidants, and trace elements (potassium, magnesium, zinc). Dietitians proved that the inclusion in the diet of flax flour contributes to rapid normalization of weight and burn fat.
Raspberries, blueberries and cranberries are part of cereals, dried in a special way that allows them to retain their maximum flavor and useful properties. Wild berries contain large amounts of vitamin C, and hence, enhance immunity and increase the strength of blood vessels.

This porridge is recommended for diabetes, obesity, dysbacteriosis and chronic constipation. Cream of vegetable origin, included with the product make it a useful and nutritious.

Porridge oats, rye and wild berries - it not only useful but also very tasty dish for all those who are watching their health!

Attention NEW! Drink "Taiga force" on the basis of Siberian herbs!

Endless expanses of forests, clean air, the aroma of fresh herbs and a sense of peace - all this is embodied in the new product the company Artlife, beverage, based on a Siberian herb "Taiga force." Based on the taiga herbs, this product has absorbed the best of nature - her strength and energy.

The composition of the drink includes such components as: Chaga, the leaves of raspberry and currant, St. John's wort, thyme, echinacea, Kuril tea, meadowsweet, wild rose. Due to its composition beverage "Taiga-force rich tannins, volatile production, flavonoids, catechins, salicylates, polysaccharides, organic acids (malic, citric, etc.), vitamins A, C, P, essential oils, trace elements (potassium, calcium, manganese copper, chromium, iron, etc.) and other biologically active substances. 

Drink "Taiga force" has a complex and diverse effects on the body: increases immunity, improves the digestive system, normalizes metabolism, nourishes the body with vitamins, increases the body's defenses and helps not to get sick during the season of viral diseases. It has a pleasant, tart, sweet and sour taste and aroma. 

Give yourself a few moments of joy, enjoy a pleasant taste and aroma of fresh, tasty drink that will give you courage, health and good spirits!

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