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How to overcome the harmful prevychki

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The modern world has become much more open and dynamic, even when compared to the plans of the Company divided by one-DVumya generations that obscheevolyutsionnogo process just miserable time. Modern man in a large mass, gained access to the benefits of an advanced civilization, a unique achievement in science and technology, which will make our life more diverse. But this approach has led to what the speaker has increased considerably, because using moderntechnology, the problem can be solved much faster. Probably not worth a great mind to guess that he and the other way can lead to the development is not desirable, devastating effects, namely the development of various dependencies. Alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking has long been a scourge of modern society, causing serious physical and socials consequences.


In a society there is a perception that all but a genetic predisposition to the development of dependency are residents of disadvantaged regions where there is no prospect of and access to the benefits of civilization. This process can occur both locally (for example, neblagopolu-screw, and criminogenic depressed area of ??the city), and may be, and regional or global in nature (for example, the problem of alcoholism in Russia).

In fact, seeing no prospects in life, having a weak character people can easily descend to the level of dependent, but this is not the only correct Obyasneniem issue. A huge number of relatively wealthy, affluent and influential people become alcoholics, drug addicts, smokers. This happens whether the constant psychological strain, which is necessary to tolerate or shoot, or from permissiveness, promiscuity, condoned by relatives and friends.

The dependence - a problem that does not recognize the financial, genetic, gender, intellectual performance and is universal.

The mechanism of development

From the point of view of official science, any relationship - is a sense of human needs in a particular activity. Those species-dependence ofchildren, referred to in this article, usually attributed to the chemical type of addiction, ie the need for regular admission to the body of certain substances (alcohol, drugs, nicotine, etc.). Once in the body, these substances are addictive and the need for regular doses, which gradually increases.

The concept of any of these dependencies is inextricably linked to its two main forms - physical and psychological. The first is connected with the reaction of the organism to accept the substances, that is, the notion of breaking - a sharp deterioration in the equally sharp rejection of their reception. More dangerous is the mental form of dependenceand, as in this case, mental barriers and disabled people are not able to control the drive.

The fight against alcoholism, drugs, smoking

Do not console ourselves with illusions that can be easily and completely get rid of dependence on their own, because it is not enough just to do this. DifferentDepending on different treatable, some easier, and some if not impossible to eliminate (e.g., alcoholism above second step). Fighting addiction begins with the awareness of the necessity of this. To help you in the future will have to overcome a mental barrier like, and physical needs for narcotic substances. Eta fairly complex process, which includes a deep introspection, the restructuring of his life, the correction of errors. Obviously, to achieve this alone is almost impossible, moreover, it may also need of substitution therapy and detoxification early in the process.


Intake this slippery slope of imaginary pleasures is easy, but to get rid of dependencies extremely difficult. But if you come to understand that life came to a standstill and you need to change something, then you can get everything.

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