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Buying a coffee maker in Odessa

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The dark, bitter, tonic, known around the world today, such as coffee, went in our everyday lifetech not long ago. Historically, it is known that the first mention of wild coffee plantations are about the middle of the IX century BC, whereas its mass distribution in Europe and the world falls on the end of the century XVII (by the way, thanks to our ancestors - Cossacks Zaporozhets and merchant Yuri KULCHYTSKY ). Today, coffee is the most consumedtrolled beverage in the world. A lot of people just can not imagine his morning without a cup of coffee.

There is no doubt, a lot of lovers of this drink has in such a unique city like Odessa. This city on the Black Sea coast, a mixed fate of many nations, thus expressed themselves Odessansoped a special charm, style of communication, behavior, special urban mentality that clearly applies to coffee. But in order to really experience the taste and aroma of coffee, feel the effect of it, cheerfulness in the morning, not enough to just pour boiling water soluble or insoluble mixture which is mistakenly called "coffee".To do this, you must comply with three main points:

  • Choose really natural, high-quality coffee beans, following the procedure of storage and milling;
  • Use clean water;
  • Observe welding technology.

If the issue of clean water on the conscience of public utilities, if you need high-quality coffee and at least has a high-quality specialty store" Kofevarka "Koblevskaya the street. Here you will be able to count on the highest quality products from world leaders in the industry, and also useful information and advice that PomoGuth you make the right choice and enjoy unsurpassed aroma of coffee.

The product range

In the shop "Kofevarka" you can buy all the necessary ingredients for making coffee (except water, of course):

  1. Automatic coffee makers . It is avariety of high-tech home appliances   for the preparation of different types of coffee beverage. Given this fact, would be appropriate to call this technique is not a coffee maker, and a full espresso machine. Here you can pick up a coffee machine, which corresponds exactly to your expectations, financial capacity and scope(Household, office, professional);
  2. Manual coffee makers . In contrast to the previous category of household appliances, have such a variety of functions, however, they are far from tame (because they have a connection to the mains);
  3. Grinders . This Household Appliancesand for grinding coffee beans (welding in the past as a single entity is not used). They have both domestic and a more professional level. Their use will be relevant, if the coffee machine is not available, which itself may be ground and brewed coffee;
  4. Coffee . Shop "Kofevarka" pleased presents ttavit your attention the many varieties of organic coffee, including elite monosortov, coffee blends (bouquets). Implementation occurs in various packaging: sealed packages 0.5 and 1 kg of tablets, capsules.


If you really like coffee, you should look at buying the entire neowill need for its preparation. Given that the store in Odessa "Kofevarka" has an excellent reputation and exclusive offers fragrant morning you exactly guaranteed.

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