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What are the types of children's knitwear

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The man differs from its smaller brothers, that is alivetnyh? The answer to this question a lot. The first thing that creeps into your head - it is probably more highly developed, more advanced socialization, etc. At the same time we are somewhat forget about such an important moment as the adaptation, because all the animals are adapted to live in the environment in the form in which they are created by nature. At the same time foreheadsAge no physiological or moral reasons are not able to be in the company in its original form - for this he needs clothes.

History of the clothes as long and rich as the history of man himself. In any case, in order to create any object clothes (underwear, shirts, pants and the like. N.)First we need to create the necessary for this fabric.

In ancient times, this process took place on hand looms, and today - is to take care of powerful automatic weaving lines. However, not every fabric is suitable for the manufacture of certain types of clothing, and not all survive assumes operating conditions.

One of the most popular and common textile materials in the world is a knitted fabric that is produced by the perpendicular weave (warp and weft). This fabric offers an excellent extensibility, elasticity and softness, making it an ideal canvas etc.For the manufacture of children's clothing.

Types of children's knitwear

This choice in favor of children's knitwear is explained by the physiology of the child, especially the small, newborn. After all, children, because of their active development even less adapted to the conditions of this world, and Mladenhonors and did very sensitive. Therefore, the knitted fabric is the perfect choice for clothing and small crumbs of the grown active restless toddler. By the way, you can get a quality online store « Nezabudka & raquo ;: In general, children's knitwear, like clothes, sewn from several kinds of knittings paintings, the most popular of which are kulir, interlock, rib-eye, kashkorse, footer, Capito, gipeli, Salonika, velsoft, mahr. Let's try to briefly open their features and benefits.

  1. Kulir . Kulirnaya expanse is the most common type of knitwear forI manufacture of children's clothing. This cotton fabric, which has good performance extensibility. Has a pronounced side (front, Wrong). The texture of the surface can be colored, picturesque, melange. Produced in the three categories of quality (singing, the ring opened);
  2. Interlock . Doprugoe but elastic web which, unlike kulira has no differences between the face and backing. The texture of the surface - similar to the previous one, as the category of quality. Ideal for children's jumpers, suits, including sports;
  3. Riba, kashkorse . Elastic jersey with lastikovym type coverneither I. Most often used for the manufacture of other articles of clothing (cuffs, collars, and so on. N.);
  4. Footer . Thick fleece jersey or not. It is made on the basis of kulira that determines its structure and features. Suitable for children's costumes and sweatshirts;
  5. Capito, gipeli . Insulated dense laminated knitted fabric with the characteristic diamond-stitch. The texture is smooth in most cases. Good breathable;
  6. Salonika . Thick knitted cotton (sometimes with the addition of polyester fiber), very soft, pleasant to OJJJup;
  7. Velsoft . Lightweight jersey based kulira that distinguishes soft pile structure. It is used when sewing coats and blankets;
  8. Mahra. Knitwear with high loop pile (like one or both sides). It features excellent thermal protection, moisture absorption and on mesoftness.


Any of the knitted fabric is ideal for sewing of children's clothes, as it features not only reliable, but also hypoallergenic, great physiological tactile feel (softness, breathability).

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