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Recovery from the effects of acne skin

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all, regardless of gender, in their lives faced with external problems, which is veryinjure our pride – acne and consequences thereafter. You are going to an important party, and before leaving notice a pimple? Or even worse, this is your most important day, and little face with a pimple does not come? I think this phenomenon is familiar to everyone, unfortunately. But the appearance of a pimple still does not matter, compared with traces after it in the form of scars for many years. Eit is not a problem, but the whole tragedy, because everyone is important to have an attractive appearance, but not continuous complex on this basis.   Of course, it is important to take proactive problem and do its utmost to lack of acne on the skin, and if they still appeared, to ensure their rapid and completely cured. But what to do and how, all -still, to deal with the consequences of an already existing scar?

Preventing acne

In order to not appear on the face or acne manifested as little as possible, it is necessary to pass a comprehensive   diagnosis of endocrine and hormone systems, the Vedas they are responsible for the occurrence of this problem. If this part of ourof the body's normal, and the problem is only on external factors, the need to resort to a regular cleaning person in the home and professional intervention. Also, it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle, follow the diet and ensure their body cleanliness and meticulous care. &Nbsp; Preventing acne reward your beautiful face sos-being of the skin and the absence of scars on them.

The formation of pimple scars

Plugged time to eventually turns into a pimple, and self-squeezing leads to more infections, often accompanied by the remains of the rod from the pimple, which only exacerbates the situation, and the skin appears furnical damage. Constant exposure to the injured area of ??the skin does not have time to fully heal and, therefore, there is a scar on the pimple through a slow process of changing the new epidermis.

The causes of scarring:

  • squeezing;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • skin sensitivity;
  • inflammation due to infections;
  • violation of the rules of hygiene;
  • an internal imbalance of
  •   and so on. D.

Treatment of scars after acne

There are many tools, techniques and therapies for skin recovery after scar. Treatment of the problem is divided into such types:

  • medications;
  • cosmetic procedures;
  • folk remedies.

Depending on the complexity of the situation of the affected area and its depth, it is necessary to choose an effective method of treatment of scars. Often, for a full recovery of the skin used complex treatment.

If the scar is the simplest form, it makes sense to try to deal with the problem in the simplest way – folk remedy.   The first thing you need to provide the body with vitamins and other necessary materials to complete the work in all spheres and parts of our body. After all, independent healing the body – it's the bestway of dealing with the scar, and foreign aid only an additional guarantee of success and some reassurance the situation.

Moreover, the better healing than our natural defense system will not be able to provide even the newest technology in medical practice. Additional folk remedies may be grass and the presentMenus, for example, such as a bunch of parsley, chamomile, or juice from the cucumber. There are many recipes and combinations of ingredients for the rapid recuperation of the skin, so just need to select the correct tool for your skin type and problem and tolerability own procedures.

If the situation has a layerzhny nature, to solve this problem, there are pharmacological agents. These drugs are derived both chemically as well as a method for mixing various herbs, which is a compound of substances possessing the best healing process of scar. To date, the most popular and the best comments deserve the following drugs:

  • « Kontraktubes & raquo ;;
  • « Kelofibraze & raquo ;;
  • « Kelo-cote »
  • and so on. D.

It should be noted that to achieve results withusing folk or pharmaceuticals, it is necessary to begin treatment on the fresh scars. And, of course, scientific achievements in the field of medicine can offer a range of beauty treatments such as deep peels, laser and chemical methods that are accompanied by technical interventions, accompanied by various drugs. Also, there are innovational therapy:

  • mesotherapy;
  • ozone;
  • phototherapy;
  • microcurrent therapy
  • and so on. D.

If lifeemerging crisis situations, should not lose his head, and you need to take the situation into their own hands and fix the problem. After all, we are surrounded by new technologies that will help to cope with such a simple problem as a disease of the skin. To do this, just need to ensure the immediate restoration of the skin, and cheerfulness to fight this little kosmetichesKim defect.

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