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Embroidery on fabric

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Embroidery on fabric types.

AudeThese way to decorate any product is the embroidery on the fabric. Types of her diverse, and it is important that the chosen route of embroidery matched not only the intended purpose of the finished product, but also the material of which it is made. There are several classifications of embroidery. The simplest of them – hand and machine. As is currentth time during the production of clothing is mainly used machine embroidery, prices can be found. Multifunctional sewing equipment copes with the tasks. Hand embroidery is most often used with the release of an exclusive brand of clothes, because it is not only more expensive but also more time-consuming method of Ukrasit finished product. Therefore, it is rarely used when sewing.

The most commonly used method is called embroidery surface. Since there are quite a few techniques, the result will be significantly different. Technique is chosen taking into account features of tissue, it depends on whether or otsutsttions pile weave method also takes into account what kind of fiber (natural, artificial or mixed) were used to make the material. Please find what it is embroidered on the fabric. Types of coats:

  • Accounts straight;

  • Accounts oblique;

  • White;

  • Decorative;

  • Prorizna;

  • borers;

  • Verhoshvom;

  • One-sided;

  • Satin;

  • Podstilnaya (also called lifting);

  • Art with an infusion of colors.

In addition, the surface can vary within the same species depending on the regionWhere technique and patterns are prominent features. For example, the famous Russian expanse and Poltava.

There are other ways of classifying types of embroidery. For example, in countries where there was one or the other technique. These include the characteristic Scandinavian embroidery « Handargen »Or delicate « & raquo ;, Richelieu originated in Europe, or Brazilian technology. We should also mention a method such as bead embroidery on the fabric. Types of clothing ornaments such an option is quite diverse. In the art of embroidery Cross also has its own characteristics. Also worth noting such embroidery as diamond mosaic. In the textile proindustry use different methods of embroidery. It all depends on what exactly the product is sewn on the material, but also on the appropriateness of use of a certain type of embroidery specific to the product.

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