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Dermatoscopy - a non-invasive method for studying skin defects

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The human body - it's like a huge atlas, which is a set of Orientirov. If you carefully examine the body, each person will find in it a large number of small and larger pigmented spots - moles. Physiologically, every mole is a consequence of the local malformation of skin cells (overflow individual cells melanin). Most of the birthmarks are absolutely safe and accompanya man all his life. But as a result of a confluence of certain circumstances, such as mechanical damage or excessive influence of ultraviolet radiation (too much time spent in the sun or in the solarium), unremarkable and secure a mole can develop into a malignancy - melanoma. This is one of the mostits dangerous and deadly cancer that is the easiest to prevent. But if left untreated, it occurs most efficiently at an early stage of disease. Naturally, distinguished by a simple mole reborn is not so easy, especially if more began to show structural changes.

Recomendations survey moles

Given the high risk of cancer, everyone should really take responsibility for the state of their health, in particular to the state and the appearance of age spots on the skin. Despite the fact that the naked eye to distinguish the malignant tumor of the skinie normal moles difficult, especially the man who has no professional education, there are some visual markers, which should make the appearance of the person to be examined by a dermatologist:

  1. Change of pigmentation, uniformity of color gradient;
  2. Infringementcolor pattern of the skin in the area of ??moles;
  3. The emergence of a circular inflammatory redness around the spot;
  4. Changing the size and integrity of the perimeter of a mole;
  5. The emergence of itching in a mole, stress cracks.


One of the most informative, non-invasive methods of skin defects is dermatoscopy. This method allows to diagnose cancer in its earliest stages, when there are no prerequisites for the spread of metastases. Considering that before this diagnosis was WHOcan only be the surgical removal with subsequent histological examination, it greatly reduces troubleshooting time and financial means necessary to reach a final verdict. To perform dermoscopy uses a special optical device - a dermatoscope.


This is an optical device which allows you to visually explore the surface of moles and similar entities. dermatoscope work, like any other optical device is based on a system of optical converters - lens. In this case, using high-quality achromatic lenses diode backlight . They are associated withdigital converters, and be able to display high-resolution on-screen diagnostic monitor. A special feature is the ability of digital dermoscopy moles shine through the layers, thus analyzing its structure. There are many different types of dermatoscope from the laboratory desktop copies, to small pocket,allowing to inspect anywhere. By the way, it is possible in the network of shops "Your Health" or online


Intrigue cancer, especially skin that she had long hidden behind the usual elements of the skin, gradually killing the man. Do not let takogo developments to react in time they can regularly pass dermatoscopy.

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