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Kiev Charitable Foundation "Mobilizing Good

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After about a year, our favorite itemthe wound will celebrate a quarter century since the day of its factual basis, as an independent state. For the state, the world, the scale of this historical period may be small, but if you look at it from the point of view of the ordinary citizen, this period is quite impressive. If we analyze the lives of those born on the day of our independence,and today it is almost 24 years old. What does this mean for the human figure? Yes, very much, because in this time we have time to grow up, finish school, university, employment, and even start a family and give birth to a new generation of Ukrainians. Given the enormous amount of work carried out during this period citizens question arises, and Thuon the same done for them and for their development of Ukraine as a state?

Most of us have a positive answer to this question is unlikely to find. The economy collapsed in almost all spheres (especially shaping - industry and agriculture), medicine does not stand up to criticism, etc. Those who managed to survivesuch conditions of 23 years and not give up, can rightly be considered a hero. Unfortunately, all this time there were many cases when ordinary people needed assistance (housing problems, health problems, and so on. F.), Which, because of the huge financial component was impossible to solve on their own. In such cases come to the aid of numeroustary charities that raised money and funds for the needy. Tragically, these problems exist now, just before this help is not needed so badly by those who put us to defend - our army.

Creation of a fund « mobilization of Good »

Who would have thought thatin the XXI century on the territory of Ukraine will again take military action? Moreover, who would have thought that their initiator and direct participant will before allied, neighborhood and their statements - Russia Fraternal state. I backstab have been done a year ago, in an environment where the earlier one of the most powerful armies in Europe there are only so nichit - a few combat-ready units, and they are not equipped with modern ammunition and everything necessary for conducting a real war.

At a time when the Ministry of Defence and the government actually lowered his hands, sending children into combat almost as in 41, naked and bare, to help our defenders came to say goodbye Liudi. They became volunteers and united to charity, collected and collected money for the maintenance of our units. Some of these funds became well: « mobilization of Good & raquo ;. It was created in the midst of an active phase of the ATO to support units of 15 Brigade communications that significantly patted at Mariupol, like many divideds APU, the fault lay and treacherous actions of higher-level commanders of the General Staff.

Today, several like-minded, « mobilization of Good » It has evolved into a major charitable organization that unites many of our citizens and to give all possible support not only the connectionEastham of 15 teams, and 79 units of paratroopers brigade, 55 brigade artillerymen, 93 Brigade, 1st Tank Battalion, and many others.


We hope that our activities will mobilize and unite in the mission of caring assistance to those mobilized for our own protection.

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