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How to quit smoking?

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The man, the most highly evolved being on the planet (at least of those who izvesapparent to those he himself), has a highly developed psyche, which manages most of our actions. However, despite the apparent dominance of the social aspects of the personality, deep natural instincts remain, and the conflict between these two categories leads to the development of adverse events, which are called bad habits. Theyoccur when the emotional and volitional qualities is not enough to deter the deep desire.

The mechanism of smoke

One of the most popular and widespread bad habits in the world is smoking cigarettes. What are its features and why it is so tightenedyagivaet smoker? The fact that cigarette smoke we breathe when smoking a cigarette, nicotine comprises - one of those substances, which has a narcotic effect, that is, depending on the development of smoke. As one of the species of dependence, smoking practically retains its structure. That is, there are elements, both physicalAnd psychological dependence. First of all, a person is faced with the mental side of dependence on smoking. Its essence lies in the fact that nicotine is getting into the blood, it helps to change the mood of euphoria development. Naturally, received positive emotions and relaxation to the person pushing another "portion of pleasure." On the other withTorons, smoking another cigarette, the person tightens the noose around his neck, because the body becomes physically dependent on regular doses of nicotine, which are each time more and more necessary. Physical dependence on smoking is also characterized by the concept of absistentnogo syndrome or more commonly known in popular culture - breaking.

How to overcome smoking?

It would be naive to believe that it is easy, just stop doing it at one point. It is easy to throw a stone into a pool, and get rid of the system, depending on the complex, which certainly is smoking, it is difficult, and many is not under force. Firstly, it isdifficult to overcome himself, his psychological barrier, psychological dependence, which will by all means to push us to commit another act of smoking a cigarette. Furthermore, taking and stop smoking we will immediately activate the physical side of addiction and its most effective tool - withdrawal, breaking all known. Eit leads to the fact that the condition worsens, the body begins to require another dose of nicotine. In order to overcome the addiction, you need to mobilize internal and external resources (including third-party assistance). At the same time there is a small percentage of people who manage to cope with its domestic “ & rdquo ;, I defeat the enemy and usedrosit smoking. Unfortunately, such people is small, and most obviously need the help of experts. Generally, in the practice of the treatment of this dependence, the various substituents are widely used methods (for example, nicotine patches, lozenges and m. P.


Smoking - it's not just Navyazchivaya habit, because it causes real harm to human health. Therefore, you need to quit smoking, of course, looking at their personal reserves and choosing the tactics on the basis of this.

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