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Probably everyone in the treatment of childhood frightened banks.Some have even experienced the « convicts flour » and ready in seconds, going into details, the details reflect all the sensations experienced. But, nevertheless, none of the victims will never be denied the benefit of such an indispensable treatment against bronchitis and other lung diseases. We know that the banks used since the old BPEMaine. But today, the popularity of this treatment every day ceases less and less. And in vain!

It is the banks will be able to   quickly and soon cure you of:

  • bronchitis;
  • asthma;
  • rhinitis;
  • sciatica;
  • pneumonia and other similar diseases.

How does the process itself?

  • Within each bank, where the skin is absorbed to form a vacuum;
  • Because of the vacuum, to the site,which put the bank, the blood rush;
  • Under the influence of this happening: vasodilation, improving the body's metabolism, excretion of mucus, improving the   blood flow,   reduce inflammation.

It is eating, the benefits of cans is large enough. But, of course, not allpeople can apply for yourself this way of treatment.

The banks are contraindicated to those who:

  • suffers from tuberculosis (may cause open hearth);
  • suffers from a skin disease;
  • suffers from cancer falls illiem;
  • has a high temperature;
  • has not reached the age of twelve;
  • is allergic to the cream, alcohol, petroleum jelly, and so on. D.
  • suffer from various mental disorders.

AlsoFurthermore, many strongly opposed to glass jars because of fire, which is necessary to create a vacuum. Therefore, an excellent option can still serve and silicone banks. In addition, they are quite simple and easy to use. &Nbsp; These banks have appeared recently that you can not say about the jars. Also, the banks of the siliconetlichayutsya from glass that, firstly, they act without fire, and secondly, are safer.

How to put banks

The question of a very serious and important. After all, how well they deliver, will depend on the effectiveness of the recovery ballroom. Onthis, let's look at a few interesting points about this.

If you decide to put glass jars, then:

  • strike the back of the patient with Vaseline or baby cream before the procedure;
  • Take the cotton wool and wrap it around the spoke. Then soak inho cologne;
  • light the wick;
  • enter ignited   wick in - inside the bank and pull it out;
  • quickly put the bank back to the patient, which should lie as fifteen minutes.

If you put silicone bankThen:

a) strike the back of the patient   Vaseline or pine oil;
a) tightly with silicone jar and attach to the place on the back of the patient:
b) release the hand.

For those who want to learn all the necessary and useful information about the treatment of banks go to the site   ZdeSubscribe You will find many interesting and essential tips to help you stay healthy, beautiful and cheerful!

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