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Cream Power Life XXL

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Life and the existence of any civilization depends on the NAICnly it is constantly updated. Interpreting this statement in the human plane, can be summarized that the very existence of man as a species depends on the population dynamics, ie, the excess of births over deaths.

From the point of view of physiology, this process is made possible by develthat the instinct of procreation. But given the much higher level of human development, his exceptional psychic subsistence, this process is not limited to physical interaction of opposite sexes. The very possibility of sexual intercourse as well as physiological characteristics (length, coverage) for male genitals as aamtsa, it plays a crucial role in a state of self-esteem, self-confidence and status in society. Even with all those accomplishments and morals, which has acquired a modern society, it has not gone far from the lowland, the basic principles.

The length of the penis for men - it's like a tank for the army, it isweighty argument in comparison with the other men and no less significant in the eyes of a potential partner. In the few thousand years of human history conscious men sought and continue to seek various ways to increase their dignity (to the extent necessary, of course).

Historical traditions

Differents peoples, there are also different approaches to this issue and develop certain traditional methods, or, as they are commonly called, practice. The best known are:

  1. Arab Dzhelk technique. It is common among the Arab population in Sudan. In practice, it is implemented as follows:man covers his hand and squeezes the base of the penis, and then abruptly removes his hand to his head;
  2. Taoist practice. The technique of lengthening member, which is part of the well-known sexual practices. As a rule, this method is pulling and rotating erect penis.

Surgicallye Methods

The most effective, giving instant visible results are the surgical technique, or the so-called phalloplasty. This lengthening of the penis is achieved by dissecting the connecting cords, then the inside of the penis (2-3 cm) "gets out". In addition, the administration is practiced silikonovyh implants increase the circle.

The use of cream Power Life XXL

All of the above techniques, in one way or another connected with the painful discomfort, and therefore forced to look for more schadaschie and no less effective methods. One of these became popular in recent years the practice of spe-cial. This cosmetic product which is composed entirely of natural ingredients:

  • Ginseng, prickly butcher who contribute to enhanced sexual function;
  • Horse chestnut and gingko biloba, which help activate blood circulation and tissue elasticity,resulting in erection elongated member;
  • Muira Puma, which helps produce testosterone;
  • Betaine, activates metabolic processes;
  • Dimethicone, raising the level of secretion of the sex glands, and therefore a member of the defense during sexovogo act.


This cream is undoubtedly a positive impact on the status and function of the penis and carried out sexual intercourse, but the statements about the phenomenal results of 2-3 cm in 2 weeks, though, it seems to us you need to take a few critical.

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