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Pram Emmaljunga Mondial Duo Combi

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Family of the newlyweds awaiting the completion of the family! Happy  parents even happier - and grandparents! And start thinking, what do you need to   future baby. Make up entire lists, sometimes for several pages. &Nbsp; But almost all the lists of honor   the first or second written stroller.     And what is surprising? &Nbsp; No strollers in the world today can not do. Well, not usedudesh did you ever carry a child in her arms? A baby in a stroller and comfortable, and you calmer. &Nbsp; But choose a stroller, it's not easy, and requires special care, because   in a stroller your child will sleep and for him -   all the best. Yes, and   stroller, a thing is not cheap, so the   should serve as a minimum dvand life.

  The main criteria when choosing a stroller  

  1. The carriage must be reliable. It must not break during use;
  2. Wheelchair mainly meant for walking, so should be a good cross. Here it should be noted, where the majorityYou'll be walking on any terrain. And should choose an appropriate wheelchair;
  3. The carriage has to be compact and lightweight;
  4. In a carriage child usually sleeps so stroller should gently rocking, t. E. To have a good cushioning;
  5. reliablenye brakes - are essential;
  6. It should also pay attention to the additional functions (big basket - easy to accommodate shopping, removable cradle, the ability to wash some of the details, and so on. D.). All a matter of taste and need. &Nbsp;   &Nbsp;

Emmaljunga Mondial Duo Combi - EXCLUSIVEvnaya stroller.

What did not offer us the manufacturers of baby strollers. There would be only the money, but you can choose any, to your liking. I suggest you look at the Swedish wheelchair manufacturer Emmaljunga Mondial Duo Combi:. This stroller is designed for children from the first day until three years vozrasthat.   Just I want to note, fans of exotic and something extraordinary, this stroller is not suitable. This stroller - a classic prams. But those who love the elegance and the quality of world-class - this stroller just a godsend. All specifications   pram tested more than once, and very well chargeekomendovali. In such a stroller your baby is completely safe, he can sleep while you go shopping, make a purchase, or a long walk. The carriage is equipped with a   cradles and rocking seat. This seat can be replaced with a cradle for the growth of your baby.

Additional features wheelchair

If you want to make a car ride, then install the car seat on a stroller is not a problem. You just need to buy a special adapter. Carriages this manufacturer made only of   materials that do not cause allergies in children. Design strollers you can choose according to your taste . Also you can buy separatelyseveral types of chassis: Classic Chrome Eco   or   Duo S. The first option is a chrome chassis is not reversible handle, and the second - with swivel front wheels.


So, as we can see, choose future baby stroller not – or simply. But the main thing -   onbathe with joy and love, and then the comfort of your baby in a stroller is provided, because he will feel your warmth, care and love. And full of happiness, more and do not need anything!

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