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Features of the Italian kitchen furniture

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When buying an apartment or a house, we begin to dream about how it will look like the inner paysky little corner of our property. We have long been puzzled about design, style, modern technologies and materials, as well as furniture and complementary elements of each room. Because really, imagining each of our rooms to the palace, we design and assign it its properties, appearance and special features of her character. We come up with the image of each rooms, breathing in their display of our thoughts and embodying at least individual than we do.

After thoughtful interior, furniture and other things, born room by room, which holds a piece of our soul and fill our space special spirit. As each room is fully designed, they combinetsya in one piece and form our inner world in this material form of life, overcoming the idea of ??the border, embodying our pride and being the hallmark of our consciousness, character and preferences.

From the rooms with each, they are again separated and converted into our mascot for a good sleep, a nice holidayor as a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner. When there is such a human approach in the creation of home comfort, he carefully thinks about every detail, thinking about comfort, beauty and quality in.

Kitchen furniture

The final touch to create any room that ends the whole way and complements ArticleOr, of course, is home accessories such as furniture. Choosing kitchen furniture, we are facing the greatest difficulties, because the furniture in this room should be particularly fit as appearance and hygienic and technical requirements of the kitchen. After all, that is, this room is subject to constant cooking food, which entails soboFirst drop in temperature, moisture that may have an impact on the furniture of the room.

If the kitchen furniture will not meet all the technological requirements that must be taken into account when creating this part of the furniture for the house, the kitchen turned into a technical little corner, where you can only cook fdo and quickly run out into the other room. Resorting to the latest coating technology and other innovations that will enhance years of service without a change in appearance, the kitchen turns into a long flower that pleases your ever blooming.

The Italian kitchen furniture

Italian cuisine in implementingBehold the desires and dreams of all the requirements and support the demand and the quality of its history, which dates back   since the Middle Ages. Glory came the Italian cuisine from the time and confirmed in the stories where all the important people was produced furniture from Italian masters. Incidentally, the site

The advantage of the Italian furniture art is not « translated » and everything is also used for luxury kitchens. High praise kitchen furniture Italian manufacturer won its supremacy through the material, design and long-term quality.

Modern Italian furniture industry  the development of science has achieved great results, and the Italian market offers a wide range of all sorts of styles, but one thing remains unchanged – the use of wood. For the production of modern kitchen furniture Italy uses the following solid wood:

  • Acacia;
  • red alder;
  • ash;
  • Oak;
  • Birch;
  • lime.

The Italian kitchen furniture has a special taste, its appearance is allocated a special ball, refinement and utonchennostyu. Exterior finish very harmoniously fit into the conceptual design and celebrate the talented hand of the Italian master, and all this is in addition the unique stained glass and other skilful antikatur receptions. Italian art in the furniture industry has an example of manifestation of creativity and quality.

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