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Which is better to address to the surgeon in Ufa

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Ufa is one of the largest development centers throughout RussiaFederation. With a population of more than 1 million people capital of Bashkortostan it is also the most spacious accommodations city in the country, because there is per capita has more than 600 sq. M. area. There are excellent conditions for the development of most sectors, especially oil and gas, as the forming region. Well Mr.zvita here and medicine, since medical care is needed everywhere and even in Ufa. Diseases that are daily harassed and overcome a lot of city dwellers, however, there is a large percentage of them, the treatment of which requires surgery.

Office MBUZ pokliniki number 44

branch of medicine thatclose devoted to the study of acute and chronic diseases for which a scheduled or emergency surgery, called surgery. In Ufa, there are municipal and private medical institutions, one of the profiles that have surgery. One such medical institutions is poklinika 44. It is, in principle, multidisciplinary medical tseHTP, but great attention is paid as surgery on an outpatient basis. A similar procedure for medical procedures involves a one-day treatment: in the same day made diagnosis, surgery and checkout. If you need an experienced, you should know that the department MBUZ pokliniki number 44 is subject to the treatment of similar profilet The following types of diseases:

  • dermatological diseases Profile - inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue;
  • nail diseases;
  • Diseases of tendons and joints;
  • skin lesions and underskin soft tissue.

try in more detail, though briefly, to describe all these aspects of the clinic.

Circulatory system diseases

This is a complex skin diseases, which requires surgery. Statistically, this group of diseases etc.about 70% of the total number of applications in surgery. In most cases, such problems caused by the presence of staph bacteria. Symptoms of these diseases may be redness and seals in the area of ??the skin, pain, swelling around the affected area, as well as a violation of its functions. Among dermatological diseases profile which oftenrequire surgery, are the following:

  • Boils - purulent inflammation of hair follicles and adjacent tissues;
  • Carbuncles - a process similar to the previous one but is characterized by an extensive process (sort of a Polyphemusrunkulit);
  • Abscesses - to put it simply, local ulcers;
  • Phlegmon - extensive tissue inflammation of different origin;
  • gidradenity - purulent lesions of the sweat glands;
  • LimfadenIta - inflammation of the lymph nodes;
  • Bursitis - inflammation of the mucous bags.

nail diseases

This type of disease most often attributed the problem of so-called ingrown toenail. It affects the toes and is accompanied byconstant pain, swelling, redness.

Diseases of tendons and joints

This group includes near- and intraarticular tumors - cysts. As a rule, these diseases occur at the wrist, accompanied by pain, but do not violate the basic functions sustava.

Neoplasms of the skin and subcutaneous soft tissue

This is a group of diseases that share symptoms tumors (papillomas, angiomas, lipomas, adenomas).


For the high-quality medical care for hirurgicheskomu profile in the department number 44 MBUZ pokliniki excellent conditions that will also be treated and recover after surgery.

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