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ARI: mechanisms of development and treatment of

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These three letters form the acronym of one of the nhe most prevalent groups of diseases in the world, they know all the people on our planet, as each of us at least once, but feel their effect. If you believe the official statistics of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization, the average adult per year sick on a form of acute respiratory infection about EToh-three times, while children can and do migrate to ten cases.

The incidence of acute respiratory infections depends on the age (the older the person, the less likely he is ill for colds) and time of year. The latter factor is also called seasonal exacerbation as increased incidence observed in Mezsezone (autumn-winter, winter, spring), when there are optimal conditions for the growth and spread of the virus, as well as in the winter, due to hypothermia (because fresh frosty air on the contrary is the enemy of viruses).

In our country in these times almost every year declared quarantine measuresBecause even the most simple of ARI can lay on a hospital bed, hundreds of thousands of citizens. The fact that such treatment of acute respiratory infections and tell us Ivanov RA - editor of the blog "ALL":

What is ARI?

Acute respiratory infections (ARI) - is a group of related diseases affectingnasopharynx and oropharynx, and upper respiratory tract. All these diseases are combined following symptoms: runny nose (rhinitis), cough, sore throat, sneezing, hyperthermia etc. The development of the disease causing strains of viruses (the disease called SARS - acute respiratory viral infection) or bacteria (in this case, dealing with bacterial andnfektsiey).

Mechanisms of ARI

Under normal conditions, the human body has a lot of viruses and bacteria that do not cause any harmful effects and diseases. However, at the confluence of certain circumstances, all that was hidden activated hundredfold. There are three reasons:

  • Virus attack on the body, the overwhelming general and local immunity, which in turn creates an excellent breeding ground for bacterial flora and a common complication of acute respiratory flow;
  • Hypothermia, which creates a perfect breeding ground for viruses and bacterias because depresses the immune system;
  • Local lowered immunity due to overwork, stressful experiences, postoperative period.

In addition, an important role in the organization of favorable conditions for development and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms regains sostojanie room air. Recent WHO guidelines suggest support in the room with respect to the wet (60-70%), cool (around 18-20 degrees) atmosphere.

Treatment of ARI

From the point of view of the nature of the disease, treatment strategies will also differ, for example, viral infection is suppressed by a protivovirusnyh drugs, whereas bacterial infection type, often a complication of a previous, removed through the use of antibacterial drugs such as, that is - antibiotics. The faster and more adequately to therapy, it is quick and painless.


Given the scale of the annual virusepidemics, the best way to combat them is prevention.

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