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Hail colored shoes!

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All women have long known truth is that the most expensive and exquisitething in the locker room to be shoes. After all, the first thing that catches the eye is exactly the tips of beautiful female legs. Therefore, the choice of shoes is always, regardless of the season and fashion is a very important and topical issue. Also, designers around the world are advised to pay special attention to the accessory parts of the image itself and shoes. Although this view and Posytion is not particularly surprising because of the beautiful shoes changed gait, and the emphasis in the clothing, there is   confidence. And   men and women know how to affect human health and mood, comfortable shoes. As pointed out, it is shoes, your external qualities. &Nbsp; It is also important to consider that the shoes, as the final part of the costumetion of the composition can, how to raise the image to Olympus and lowered and turned into bad taste and disharmony. &Nbsp;

colored boots, wear them with anything?

It has long gone are the days when shoes were only black and brown. Well, of course, sometimes you come across instances of shoes and other pCouncil, but they are often discarded and not buy. And all because that is not practical, a black brushed cream, and shines like new. But today, and the means to care for shoes have invented different, so, long live color colored shoes and boots! You do not have to break his head beneath that wear them, all have long invented, and you are left alone or agree or pridumat something different. Creativity is now in the trend.

Here are some tips:

  • boots brown shoes under monochromatic clothes, better than the same color, but not to be too boring, add a bright accessory;
  • Under only wear white boots classic, white - aristocratic color, so for him - only the classics;
  • Well, the gray boots fit something bright pink, red, lilac;
  • blue boots is better to combine with a denim clothing.

Rubber boots

With rubber boots is not so simple, there were times when they were highly praised, was, and vice versa. &Nbsp; Once the   Arthur Wellesley Duke   came up with these boots, the soldiers of his army was convenient and comfortable. Then the duke repeatedly said thank you fans of fishing and hunting. &Nbsp; Butin everyday life wore rubber boots in exceptional cases only when the rain and the roads. And because of them said that wearing rubber boots promotes rheumatism. And now a new boom, rubber sapogi- peak season. However, they are somewhat modified, then the designers did a good job. &Nbsp; They turned the boring bootsIn bright, cheerful and colorful. Rubber boots – very practical. In the spring, when the snow melts, running streams and, in the autumn, when the rain and the mud, like this boots just saved, not to get his feet wet. Today, this has become even shoes and stylish, it can be combined with all kinds of garments: coats, pants, raincoats. Rubber boots can be stylish lookand romantic dresses and shorts.


As you can see, today colored boots more advantages than disadvantages. Buy very easy in the trading house "Realpaks". &Nbsp; This is where you can buy a color boots directly from the manufacturer, without markups. The price will make you happyIt is, and not just the price you   immediately cheer up and bought boots. See what they are beautiful and colorful!

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