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The new fragrance from Paco Rabanne Invictus

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It used to be a time when men enjoyed some colognem, as a disinfectant, but after shaving. Toilet water use, such as was not accepted, and the most popular scents were colognes « Triple » and « SHipr ».   And almost all the men came the smell. &Laquo; Is this possible? &Raquo; - you will be surprised. And you ask their grandparents, and it youexactly confirm this. But let's leave the youth of our grandmothers in the past and talk about the times today. Imagine now a successful man to him does not come good eau de toilette fragrance as something does not work.

The modern man and a good perfume - always together. With the smell of a man handwritingflushes its individuality, its own style. The desire to please the opposite sex makes men use the toilet water, because it is almost the only way to draw attention to themselves, as other men do not wear jewelry. By choosing a suitable male toilet water very carefully, they are very sensitive to smells, and often it happens thatthe same cologne man enjoys many years, and rarely want to change it.

The choice of toilet water

And it turns out, following the rules, toilet water should be selected on the season, of course, while taking into account the taste of men.

  • Eau de toilette should refresh its summer Vladdace. Her zapah- a fresh smell of the sea and the breeze;
  • For the fall is better to choose toilet water   with hints of fruit flavors and smell of fallen leaves;
  • The best scent of winter spirits will create coziness and warmth. &Nbsp; They like the smell of warm wood and leather.

In addition, by choosing eau de toilette for men to consider his character, to reveal all its best features.     If a man with a strong and powerful character, and the aroma emanating from it should be sharp and saturated. Men who love to travel, suitable perfume with a fresh smell of the sea, vetra. In general, choosing a perfume water, you must follow your intuition. &Nbsp;

Paco Rabanne

The brand Paco Rabanne is one of the most important in the world today. Its founder, Paco Rabanne, in the '60s caused a twofold sense, they were delighted, and they also resented. &Nbsp; It was he who urged women to independence, will movel of all standards   and captured the hearts of many of his courage in the work.

Paco Rabanne Fragrance – it is a symbol of eternal pride, a challenge bigotry, they became a symbol of the era. In 2013, Paco Rabanne has launched a new men's fragrance. It was planned that this fragrance will scent athletes. The very name of thattranslated from the Latin, meaning « & raquo ;, undefeated says the success of winning. The fragrance contains notes of grapefruit and sea breeze. In the background can be heard notes of laurel and jasmine, and complements the whole composition woody notes of guaiac wood and oak moss.

It is a new original bottle pairsfyuma. It kind of reminds Cup. This cup – trophy gained during the victory.
And the face of this perfume was the thirty Australian athlete Nick Yangkvest. His whole appearance and physical forms showing what we should strive to modern men and boys. &Nbsp;

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