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Motion sickness - it is forever?

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Seasickness – extremely unpleasant sos-being that can completely spoil the impression of a sea cruise or a trip on the river. Is it possible to overcome this disease?

kinetosis or motion sickness – so-called experts seasickness. It is believed that the unpleasant sensation of nausea, which occurs as a result of many motion sickness occurs becausemismatch pulses occurring in the human vestibular apparatus, the information that comes from the organs of vision. For vestibular receptors feel shaking, while the human eye sees the stationary objects as a result of the brain does not know how to analyze the information obtained. Although the tradition we call this state morskoy disease, often the modern man is experiencing a state of the vehicle. Just the first time in human history, our ancestors encountered a rocking it during long voyages, where our language has come and fix this title.

It is interesting that in most cases the symptoms of juiceCoy disease decrease with time: the body, how it can adapt to unusual conditions. And improvements are saved not only for one voyage: if you decide to repeat the cruise, the next time, chances are you will suffer swimming easier.

The worst transfer rocking children, whose nervous systemsMa and the vestibular apparatus in particular have not yet formed completely. Thus, the most prone to seasickness children aged 2 to 12 years. By the way, it has helped many children even at serznyh diseases.

However, not everyone is able to adapt to pitching. It is known that in some people the symptoms morskoy disease does not decrease even after a large number of trips on the water. For example, the British admiral Horatio Nelson, before the end of his days suffering from severe seasickness, which, however, did not prevent him to command the fleet!

If you carry bad sea travel and other « rocking » situation, facilitate its state using simple tricks. So, do not drink too much water, especially in the morning. Your food should be light, not too abundant, or increases the likelihood of nausea. And stick to a light diet should start even before the start of the trip: approximately one week before the scheduledOn cruise discard fat, fried foods, heavy on the stomach sweets etc.

It is believed that alleviate the symptoms of seasickness help menthol mints or chewing gum: in fact, this tool helps reduce nausea. In addition, the sailors are advised to lay in the mouth two matches, holdingbetween their teeth and sucking the tips. Of course, lay in the mouth need to match the blank side, sulfur heads out. This method also reduces the feeling of nausea.

It helps to go through pitching and fixing a sight on moving subjects. As mentioned, nausea arises from the fact that the brain is experiencing a mismatchvisual signals, and sense of movement. If you're looking at moving objects, this will help minimize the negative effects. With the same purpose may be pounding the heel on the floor, to make other movements feet.

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