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Where to spend the open type MRI in Kiev?

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MRI – one of the most popular types of research. Thanks to him, you canthe real causes of malaise, weakness, and violations of the basic functions of your body.

In many clinics, MRI is performed in an isolated and closed unit. For many patients, this – a difficult test because you have to take yourself in hand and remain calm. Otherwise – youget erroneous results of the study will cost you only stir.

But in some clinics in Kiev declined to MRI « gated & raquo ;. One of them — Clinic ATSMD. Here the study of an organism is carried out using an open MRI Phillips-neusoft 0,35T.

It allows to diagnose:

- brain;

- sinuses;

- orbit;

- all the parts of the spine;

- the joints.

The device presents ttavlenny allows to conduct a survey in children, patients with claustrophobia (fear of confined space), pregnant women and people with excess weight (before the extreme limit of the patient's weight was 120 kg, now the figure has changed. Details you can find in the clinic).

The main indications etc.The behavior ATSMD MRI clinic may be:

- severe headaches, which are not held for a long period of time;

- the patient's desire to carry out the planned study of the brain;

- predinsultnoe state;

- diseases of sinuses: sinusitis, sinusitis, sphenoiditis;

- eye disease;

- a spinal injury;

- infringement of the spinal cord;

- a suspicion of the presence of tumors of different nature.

But do not forget that each procedure has contraindications. In the case of an open type MRI – is:

- the presence of foreign bodies in the body (clamps, stents, electronic devices);

- 1st and 3rd trimester of pregnancy;

- inadequate behavior of the patient.

In all other cases, you can carry out a study of the body using MRI without any difficulties and problems.

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