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As a modern ecological situation affects human health?

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Today is almostno place on earth, wherever untouched by human hands. We have advanced their activities affected all spheres of life, adversely affect the environment. By simplifying your life and making it more comfortable, we define the state of the environment, which has an impact on our health. Now people want to protect their health and move tainss out of town, so the purchase is a good way to solve problems.

What causes the critical state of the environment in our time?

Despite the fact that the quality and living conditions have improved over the past decade, on human health in a positive way that does nf influence. Today there are many new diseases, and some of them are severe and it is difficult to be treated and, in many poor environment became the cause. Paradoxically, we are its port, but to improve the situation do not do anything.

There are some things people can not live – is the water and air, with whichEvery day more and more polluted.

The exhaust fumes from vehicles and industrial activities, in which the atmosphere gets a lot of harmful substances pollute the air considerably. In contact with them suffer respiratory tract, organs of smell and sight. This not only causes the Pazlichnye serious diseases of vital organs and leads to nervous disorders and depression.

The water, which should give us strength and good spirits today only « podkashivalis » our health. The level of purity in open water can not be measured even on « satisfactory & raquo ;, but thatthat gets us through the water, in the future may cause a variety of serious diseases.

Contaminated soil from the agricultural and industrial enterprises that nurtures plants, which then consume the cow, and we get milk and meat. Accordingly, the impact on the quality of products, followed by – our health. That is why, when choosing a place of residence, try to settle in the green areas of the city. Since becoming the owner you do not risk your health.

Let's take care of the world around us!

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