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What is arthrosis of the knee joint

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Our body - is unique in terms of the evolution of structure in which all the prosToe combined into a super complex, forming a highly complex mechanisms of interaction. In spite of all his perfection, even the crown of evolution is subject to diseases that every day we are pursuing, behind every corner, as they say. And if an external enemy you can still somehow be prepared, then it often happens that the enemy comes from within, inrazhaya most sensitive and important parts of our body. For example, no one doubts the vital importance of the work of bodies such as the heart, brain, liver, etc., but we somehow snubbed in such important elements as joints. In fact, their health and the smooth operation depends on the freedom ofhuman motion, because it provides mobile joints (rotational) of the compound of the bones. In order to present the range of possible problems plaguing the joints, it is necessary to begin to understand how they work.

What is the joint

From the point of view of the theory of machines and mechanisms, joint - atabout nothing else, as a hinge - support rotation. To understand this, it suffices to take, for example, part of the working body of the excavator or wheel loader. Formally, we have two or more units connected by a hinge axle, allows you to make mutual relative rotational movement. Naturally, the units themselvesspin will not be - for this they need to further connect rigid or flexible connection (usually this is the role of the cylinders). Considering similar joints, we will also have a rotary joint of two bones, the relative rotation of which is realized at the expense of the muscular system. Unlike a tractor, bones do not have a common OSand, as its role is performed by a special joint capsule, repeating outlines shank bone and provides the necessary flexibility and protects bone from abrasion. The basis of the structure of cartilage.

What is arthrosis

One of the most important and complex joints in the body is a lapthe first joint. One of the most serious diseases affecting it is arthritis. It is a chronic degenerative disease that leads to a slow but consistent destruction of cartilage. The most obvious reasons of this disease include metabolic disorders (such as age and acquired vsledstvie poor lifestyle), traumatic factors in this area, overweight, which increases the static and dynamic loads on the joint and its components.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis

As with any other disease, osteoarthritis is characterized by pronounced symptoms, which is referred to the followinghighlights:
1. Stiffness and limited mobility of the joint.
2. The sensitivity of the joint in the form of increased.
3. Pain, slightly slower motion.
4. Swelling of the tissues around the knee.
5. Severe deformation of the joint.

Treatment of osteoarthritis

According to "Institute of Traumatology andorthopedics, "which successfully treat: like any neurological disease or orthopedic, arthritis in terms of treatment is characterized by an integrated, consistent approach. The list of techniques used in this case is quite broad, ranging from conservative and physical therapy approaches to direct surgical intervention, etc.otezirovaniem joint. Each specific method is chosen based on the patient's condition idinamiki disease.

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