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High-quality tiles - the stylish home base

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The theater begins in the hanger and capitalfirst renovated apartment, country cottage or a loved country house with the purchase of high-quality, original and stylish tiles. Where to buy a tile that matches these qualities? How to choose the right tile, see below.

Purchase of tiles – an important decision. It – the basis of your appearance quartiry and « start » design transformations of your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom.

When it is selected, it is important to take into account the following factors:

- producing country (domestic or foreign);

- the color scheme;

- The presence / absence of decorative elements on the surface of the tiles.

After that you can go shopping at the store, where you will find a wide range of ceramic tiles at an affordable price.

By the way, many designers say that when choosing a tile is important to considers specificity of each room.

If you are concerned about the choice of tiles in the bathroom, you should visit the section, but not in a hurry to do this. Read:

- which can withstand temperature conditions of the selected tile;

- whether it can withstand the humidity;

- what her optimum service life.

This « Test Drive » is carried out for ceramic tiles that you are caring for the kitchen. The ideal option — in, because it has a great design, excellent performance and long lasting qualityny lifetime.

But to get information about the rules of care for the tiles can not hurt. It depends on its appearance and durability. It is known that the store tile kitchen is divided into five classes. Each has its own specifics and benefits. For example, the tiles of the first class are too fragile for Napoceiling elements cover will not work, and the second class tiles require special care – move on the surface only in soft slippers. Stronger options – Tile third, fourth and fifth grades.

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