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What you need to know about prostate adenoma?

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BPH — One of the most common diseases. His diagnosed in kazhDogo fourth man, who has reached the age of 40. But the strength of each patient as much as possible to ease their plight and to prevent the emergence of prostate adenoma.

The causes of prostatitis . Among physicians there is no consensus regarding the factors that provoke the emergence and development of prostatitis. Somedoctors believe that stress and depression had a devastating effect on men's health. Others blame the bad habits.

If you combine the opinions and estimates of experts, we get the following list of causes of prostatitis:

- smoking;

- zloupoconsumption of alcohol;

- overweight;

- fatigue;

- an unbalanced diet;

- adverse environmental conditions;

- a violation of hormonal background.

Symptoms . BPH — a disease that does not arise out of nowhere. And if the first symptoms of the disease manifest themselves, it is necessary as soon as possible to apply to the where you will help qualified.

So, you should alert:

- frequent urination;

- a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder;

- a sharp pain and burning during urination;

- the color of urine becomes cloudy;

- there is a weakness throughout the body.

The mistake many men is that they write off these symptoms to fatigue, and at times they are ignored. Result – advanced forms of prostatitis, and not the most pleasant complications — urolithiasis, cystitis, urethritis and other diseases.

Treatment . Lechix prostatitis – a long process. It includes a range of procedures from taking medication to physiological processes. Trusting treatment of the disease should only true professionals. Thanks to them, the treatment will take place as soon as possible and without consequences.

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