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What are the juicer

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The water in human life plays a key role, being the basic building block from which it is . According to Dr.znym estimated that our body is 60-90% water. Most water in the body in infants with the age and it gradually decreases, remaining, however, is quite significant. Of course, performing throughout the day, and a different kind of scope of work, we use up their internal energy, part of which is water. This means that we have dave to regularly rebuild its reserves in the body, taking it as drinking water. In addition, water is also a huge proportion of the volume of almost all foods that somehow we needed. This is a method that allows the release of water, food, save people, so the need for the UPRconsumption of the product solids.

The form of water called juice. This technology is widely used for the production of liquid extract of the fruit and vegetable crops, because in addition to the actual water, which is vital, as part of the juice contains a lot of useful minerals and vitamins that arein the composition and the solid product fraction. The advantage of this form of   consumption of fruits or vegetables, is easier and faster uptake of substances. All this is nice, but to get the juice, for example apple, citrus fruits, peaches, carrots, etc. you must use a special household and professional appliances that annimayut of juice products as well as the washing machine that presses water from the items. These technical devices are called juicer. By the way, they can be purchased in the online store.

Species Juicer

Juice - is a group of devices that use mechanical energy to the working bodyPressed on the weight of the product (fruits, vegetables), juice contained therein. The resulting pressed juice is usually used immediately, because storage juice leads to loss of a considerable part of it contains vitamins and mineral micronutrients. All juicers available on the market can be divided into several groupsn, the key to which will be the type of drive mechanism for squeezing the working body:

  • Manual Juicer . The simplest type of such devices, which actually is a cone nozzle special shape allows them to splitlayers of the product and the power of the muscles squeeze the juice out of it. However, it is the most inefficient of all kinds, also it requires to work hard to push at least a cup of juice;
  • Mechanical juicer . This type of centrifuges is more complicatedw design, being, in essence, a lever press. Although these juicers and used the power of hands to bring the mechanism into effect, the use of advanced system of levers, can significantly reduce the effort required on the part of a person and that the resulting increase in the labor force pressing zone;
  • Electric juicer . This is the most effective in terms of the ratio of efforts and instruments of the result. These models have a built-in electric motor required power and a set of nozzles for the most efficient extraction in each case.

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