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What is colposcopy?

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Today gynecology can not do in practice without such a device as toolposkop. Many women, perhaps, the first time they hear about this device, but it is worth to know about it all. With it is the procedure that helps to diagnose diseases of the uterus. Therefore, today we know more what the procedure is and when it is carried out.

A colposcopy is an examination of the cervix and mucous hullki vagina using a special device - a colposcope. This device consists of a powerful light source and the optical system, which allows you to explore a certain area 40 times. It is clear that technology does not stand still, so often used today and videocolposcopy that are useful in that they have built-in cameras, allowingdisplay the image on the screen, with no distortion of colors, and it is very important to make an accurate diagnoz.Primerom such equipment can serve.

With the help of colposcopic studies can reveal inflammation, erosion, precancerous polyps, early changes in ADPytel, and atrophic changes of the cervix and vagina. Doctors thoroughly recommend that every woman at least once a year the survey took place, and those women who have found abnormalities of the cervix should be tested every six months in order to assess how the disease develops and operates the treatment.

Lines toolposkopii

The experts shared colposcopy into 2 types:

  • Simple;
  • Enhanced.

What is the simple colposcopy - we have learned that there is examination of the vaginal mucosa without atMenenius any drugs. But, nevertheless, it is necessary to carry out an extended colposcopy, because it gives a more accurate idea of ??the different kinds of pathologies. It is held by a physician as follows: in the mucosal tissue of the cervix the doctor put a solution of acetic acid. The procedure leads to atypical cells that begin to turn white as a result ofThis can clearly notice the zone in which the cells are atypical. Thereafter, another procedure is carried out which consists in the fact that by using an aqueous solution of Lugol that incorporates iodine stained epithelial cells. Normal cells have a dark brown color (positive test), if the cells are colored Microlightbuoy, this negative test.

patients undergoing colposcopy?

The procedure takes about 20-30 minutes, but it is absolutely painless. It happens when you are in a gynecological chair.

It is necessary to specially prepare for this procedure?

No special training should be carried out before colposcopy. However, take into account a few caveats:

  • Before the procedure, it is not necessary to use tampons or vaginal medication;
  • A few days should not have sexual relations;
  • During menstruation colposcopy is performed.


So, a colposcopy is the prevention of diseases of the cervix and vaginal mucosa. Remember that this is a reasonable solution if you are going through a gynecological examination every yeare. Be healthy and take care of your health!

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